How to write the compressed statement

How to write the compressed statement

The ability to write statement is the valuable practical skill characterizing extent of language proficiency. Reproduction of the thoughts stated in the original text in a condensed form develops ability to actively listen, formulate an essence of the text message, to reveal significant communications between the phenomena.


1. The detailed form of presentation assumes fuller reproduction of contents of the offered text, at the same time style features of the original have to be, whenever possible, kept. The compressed statement, unlike detailed, has to reflect ability of the trainee to select the most important information, extremely briefly to transfer intrinsic characteristics of the text. Characters, a story line, the description of personal features of heroes, the accompanying situation in the compressed statement have to be kept.

2. Statement of the text in the reduced form is not obliged to transfer style characteristics of the author in the smallest details. Reproduction of the key moments, turns of speech of the author is welcomed, however.

3. For a start it is necessary to listen to the source text on the first time. Try to formulate for yourself what narrates the text about. Catch the style of the author, structure of the text, the main objects which are present at the narration. Do not miss a being of the argument of reasonings and logical arguments if they are present at the text.

4. Break the text into logical parts. Such crushing has to consider semantic communications in the narration. It will be good if you manage to pick up suitable headings to parts.

5. At repeated listening of a fragment once again understand for yourself essential details. Set a way by means of which you will reduce (to squeeze) the text. Generally here the exception of redundancy or generalization of signs is used.

6. Now you should work over drawing up more compressed plan of initial material. You remember need to allocate semantic relationship between text fragments (functional, spatial, temporary).

7. Write down most reduced statement of all parts separately then connect them with each other in the logical and semantic sequence, observing structure of the text offered to statement.

8. See the received result and estimate it taking into account the main requirement: whether it managed to you to catch and to correctly retell the main matter of the text? Make necessary amendments and rewrite statement by absolutely beautiful handwriting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team