How to write the obituary

How to write the obituary

The obituary in the literal translation means "a word about the dead". He settles down on the last strip in a black frame and notifies readers of newspapers on the death of any given person. This newspaper genre has the historically developed rules of registration.


1. In the obituary a surname, a name and a middle name of the died person specify in a strict order: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov. It is impossible to speak about the dead as live, that is, since a name, a middle name and a surname. Observe marital status of the dead in a hierarchical order, for example, "The family grieves over the tragic death of the careful father, beloved husband, only son, reliable friend …".

2. Surely in honor of the dead his birth date and birth place and also date and the place of burial that those who knew the dead could come on a grave to honor his memory have to be registered. Date of death that people had an opportunity to remember the person who went to a better world is surely mentioned. Gloomy pessimism of statement is not admissible. Writing of the obituary is a tribute to the memory of the dead therefore it is important to reflect the importance of the most fruitful stages of his life for society.

3. If you write about the famous figure or the combat veteran, then appropriate as much as possible concisely to tell about a course of life and merits before society. Surely list all regalia of the dead. Under no circumstances do not allow criticism of the dead. If the person led an immoral life, express a regret about adverse external circumstances. If the dead was pious, surely mention in the obituary its acts.

4. Expression of a condolence is the main component of the obituary. Together with these words the promise to keep the memory of the dead during all life of everyone who was close to it has to be heard. Do not allow excessively emotional text, weigh each word. Do not use pathos or too grandiloquent expressions. Remember that the family of the dead feels pain now. Therefore any word should not offend the memory of the dead.

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