Chinese gymnastics Ty Chi: a set of exercises for beginners

Chinese gymnastics Ty Chi: a set of exercises for beginners

In the Chinese culture throughout long centuries the set of martial arts which are known around the world today developed. Many of such techniques are based on improvement of the body and its improvement. The martial art Ty Chi which is known more as the Chinese gymnastics became not an exception also. In article you will get acquainted with salutary gymnastics of Tai Chi, learn than and to whom it is useful. Here the set of exercises for beginners is offered.

What is Ty Chi

In China Tai Chi is better known as martial art which means self-defense and elements of rhythmic fighting gymnastics. Its basis was formed by exercises which are directed to maintenance of physical shape and human health.

Phrase melt chi (or melt-tszy) it is translated as the Great Limit and symbolizes the place in which the side between spiritual and material is erased, and soul and a body becomes a whole. Some claim that the condition of unity of soul and a body is not combined with martial arts in any way.

When speak about the last, in imagination there is a picture with sharp and active movements, as in movies with Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan's participation at once. However Ty Chi differs from understanding, standard for us, martial art, a battle can be conducted not only with the visible opponent, but also with internal about which often forget.

Whether you know? Masters Tai Zi are capable to beat off any attack with ease. In the movements they put internal force, and at its minimum expenses are capable to resist to strong rivals.

Nobody can designate exact date of creation of this equipment as, according to some sources, it arose 2.5 thousand years ago. It is authentically known that Ty Chi (Tai chi) takes the roots from ancient art Chi kung which is directed to control and regulation of various internal processes of an organism. Problems of Tai Chi include self-defense and achievement of internal balance. The gymnastics Ty Chi is based on three main components:

  • to the equipment of martial art;
  • dance which is full of grace;
  • to the system of improvement.

All this harmoniously intertwines among themselves therefore there is no one dominating component. It means that the body and consciousness closely contact.

Advantage for health

Regular trainings Ty Chi is not just gymnastics. Carrying out various exercises, you not only operate the body, but also reason, concentrating and being visualized on the feelings, being discharged by that of wordly vanity and problems. The equipment Ty Chi allows:

  • to normalize work of nervous system;
  • to raise a tone and flexibility of a body;
  • to strengthen connecting fabrics;
  • to increase the organism resilience to various bacteria and viruses;
  • to improve work of a brain and cardiac muscles.

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Movements of people who practice this technique become more graceful and smooth. Scientific research proves that slow performance of exercises of Tai Chi — good preventive cure for osteoporosis, and risk of development of serious diseases (for example, cancer) minimum. Long-term observations show that Taijiquan gymnastics (such is the official name of this equipment) helps to strengthen muscle tissues and is an ideal method of rehabilitation after various injuries and changes. Scientific research indicates its efficiency at Parkinson's disease, chronic diseases (for example, multiple sclerosis or heart failure). Scientists proved that this technique helps suffering from pathologies of a respiratory system, reduces fibromyalgia symptomatology.

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Occupations help to overcome a stress and a depression, to dump hated kilograms, to improve a way of life. The system of exercises does not demand special preparation, it is ideal for all, for elderly people in particular.

Indications and contraindications

The practician Taytszi it is recommended in such cases:

  • various respiratory diseases;
  • problems with a GIT;
  • backbone and connecting fabrics;
  • diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • violations of nervous system;
  • depression;
  • chronic sindromeustalost;
  • diseases of integuments;
  • sexual frustration.

Though this gymnastics suits people of any age, however contraindications nevertheless are available. It is impossible to be engaged in Tai Chi:

  • in the presence of the increased temperature;
  • during exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • in the period of a sharp stage of development of a disease;
  • in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Important! Classes in the equipment Ty Chi are banned for age category up to 6 years as during this period the musculoskeletal device is formed. For children of this age it is necessary to carry out exercises on development of plasticity and flexibility.

What it is necessary to begin trainings with

Before passing to the set of exercises, the question interests many what to begin with. It is necessary to decide on the choice of the place and clothes. It is possible to do gymnastics everywhere; the main thing that the surface was not slippery. It is the best of all to be engaged in the fresh air, far from city bustle. The quiet place in the park or a lawn near the house will be ideal. Now about clothes. The main thing that it did not hold down movements therefore give preference to loose fit and natural fabrics.

Whether you know? According to scientific research, the gymnastics of Taytszi-tsyuan effectively helps to be restored after a stroke. In 6 weeks of occupations of 136 people who participated in a research could restore intellectual and musculoskeletal activity, and their speech became more coherent and clear.

It is possible to be engaged as independently, and groups. Exercises are rather easy, however for beginners it is better to give preference to group trainings (at least initially, elements will not be studied yet). To find section Ty Chi for residents of big cities not to make big work as this salutary gymnastics is in great demand worldwide. For residents of smaller cities recommend to find the mentor who will train and adjust your movements.

Importance of warm-up

Before performance of any exercises it is necessary to pay attention to warm-up. Thus you prepare the body and protect it from possible injuries. In the course of performance of warm-up there are following processes:

  • muscles are prepared for work therefore their ability to be reduced and stretch improves;
  • the risk of getting injured as muscle tissues are prepared for possible loading decreases;
  • work with fat deposits becomes more effective;
  • the organism undergoes preparatory process before loading;
  • conclusion of toxic substances after warm-up becomes more effective.

It is also necessary to note that the efficiency of performance of the main complex after warm-up increases. It is caused by the fact that, carrying out simple exercises, oxygen inflow considerably increases, blood circulation improves, and temperature increases in muscle tissues. All this allows to look at expression to warm muscles a little differently.

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Set of exercises for beginners

Numerous scientific research and personal practice of people throughout centuries repeatedly proved efficiency Ty Chi. For good health every morning it is possible to carry out a complex of the simplest exercises which will provide with energy and cheerfulness for the whole day. It is necessary to remember that all exercises have 3 components, and their proportions need to be observed.

Exercise No. 1. Deep breath

Order of understanding power I occur thus:

  1. Sit down on a floor, having crossed legs (such situation reminds a lotus pose, but in the simplified option).
  2. Put hands on knees, they have to be relaxed.
  3. Level a back so that the backbone was equal, and interfered nothing with breath.
  4. Do 15-20 deep entrances. You watch that on a breath the stomach was rounded and was kind of stuck out, and on an exhalation involve it.

Exercise No. 2. Grinding of auricles

Order of performance of movements such:

  1. By means of index and big fingers pound an auricle.
  2. Do 20 repetitions.
  3. When ears were a little warmed, begin to pound them all palm.
  4. At the movement of a palm up auricles are in usual situation, and at the movement go down back.
  5. Repeat exercise of 20 times.

Exercise No. 3. Stroking of the head

This simple exercise. It is carried out as follows:

  1. Straighten palms.
  2. Carry out by them on the head from a forehead to a nape (and back, in an opposite direction).
  3. Carry out such exercise of 10-15 times.

Exercise No. 4. Gymnastics for eyes

It is possible to strengthen health of eyes thus:

  1. Widely open eyes.
  2. Look to the right, then to the left (and so till 10-15 times in each party).
  3. Straighten the left hand and spread wide fingers, the head has to be equal.
  4. Be focused on finger-tips, then translate a look there where there is a hand.
  5. Without moving the head, to look at fingers of a hand which move across, at first in one party, then in another (to repeat 10-15 times).
  6. The same actions, but already using the right hand.

Exercise No. 5. Pendulum hands

Principle of performance of exercise such:

  1. Arrange hands so that one of them was before you, and another behind the back.
  2. Bend hands in an elbow, to execute 20-30 repetitions.
  3. Change hands, execute exercise again.

Important! Carrying out exercises, it is necessary to concentrate on that, what are you doing. Numerous repetitions become a habit over time that at complication of a complex will allow to keep with ease balance and grace in movements.

Exercise No. 6. Extension of hands in lock of the Technician of performance of exercise simple:

  1. SP — hands are connected in lock behind the back.
  2. Try to stretch them towards the top left corner, raising a basin a little.
  3. Execute 10 repetitions.
  4. Replace hands and again repeat exercise, only already stretch hands to the right and up.

Exercise No. 7. Warm-up for a waist

It is possible to warm up thus a waist several times a day (irrespective of a set of exercises):

  1. Incline a trunk a little forward.
  2. Small pillows of a palm warm up a waist in the direction from top to down towards a sacrum.

Exercise No. 8. Stomach

This exercise is quite simple:

  1. By hand do rotary motions clockwise from a navel on a spiral trajectory.
  2. Repeat each hand 30 times, at the same time pressing a stomach with an average force.

Exercise No. 9. Warm-up for knees

Elderly people do such warm-up often, without thinking of the fact that such exercise from the Chinese salutary gymnastics:

  1. Reach a sitting position on a chair.
  2. Hands in free situation on a patella.
  3. With circular motions warm up a knee joint (in one direction).
  4. Do from 20 to 30 repetitions in each party.

Exercise No. 10. Feet

On legs the biggest loading throughout the day falls. Such exercise will help to unload them:

  1. Sit down on a floor and part knees.
  2. Pick up foot so that the thumb was located on a sole, and all othersfrom outer side.
  3. Easy pressing pound foot at first in one direction, then in another (on 20 times).
  4. To make the same also for foot of other leg.

Such set of exercises will well prepare for all vital tests during the day. More difficult complex demands accurate control of the mentor (at least at an initial stage until all actions are perfected).

Useful tips

For achievement of balance Yin yang which are fundamental in the Taytszi-tsyuan equipment it is impossible to distract, and respiratory practice will allow to concentrate attention. It is necessary to relax to a state suspended on a rope for the top (as it is characterized by the Chinese masters). To make a breath: life — is at present just now, the past already left, and the future did not come yet. Such practice will allow to develop intellectual discipline Ty Chi and to enjoy life at present. For those who want to learn and learn all elements of this Chinese art there are several councils:

  • for a start attend couple of classes in different groups (it is possible just to observe how others and what the mentor teaches to are engaged);
  • after the analysis of the seen approach to work choose the mentor who in the best way answers your inquiries;
  • talk to the instructor, inquire about his experience, practice terms at whom it studied and as long;
  • find out about opinions of different people from group who are already engaged;
  • attend trial class and make the impressions both from to a training, and about group in general;
  • before the occupations do not forget about consultation of the doctor.

Curative gymnastics Ty Chi is a universal complex of psychophysical exercises which is directed to strengthening of human health and association of its spiritual and material worlds. Is suitable for people of any age groups and physical capacities. Scientific research proved efficiency of the equipment in the course of rehabilitation after serious diseases. All trainings are directed to methodical repetition of movements at which internal force is activated.

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