What is a musculoskeletal system: how to keep health of bones and joints

What is a musculoskeletal system: how to keep health of bones and joints

Statistically, every 100-th person has any given inflammations of a backbone or joints, approximately every twentieth — osteoarthrosis, every tenth — regularly shown back pains, and from time to time or is single them tests more than 70% of the population. Problems with the musculoskeletal device are so frequent generally because of the irresponsible attitude towards this aspect of health while prevention measures almost do not demand special efforts.

What is it

The musculoskeletal device of the person — it is system the interconnected set of the muscles, bones (forming a skeleton) and their joints allowing the person to operate (by means of the impulses transferred through nervous system by a brain) a body, its statics and dynamics.

It is difficult to overestimate value of a musculoskeletal system of the person. The person, whose ODS does not perform the functions, at best — the disabled person or the paralytic who is on the back.

Whether you know? Leonardo da Vinci was one of founders of anatomy in its modern, scientific look. He, along with other scientists and researchers of Renaissance, carried out openings of corpses to understand the structure of a human body.

At the healthy person of the ODE function are divided into mechanical and biological.

Main mechanical functions

Mechanical functions are connected with preservation of the structure of an organism and movements of a body in space.


Consists in formation of basis for other parts of an organism — to a skeleton muscles, fabrics and bodies fasten. At the expense of a skeleton and muscles of people attached to it can directly stand, his bodies keep rather static situation concerning an axis of symmetry and each other.


Bones protect the most important internals from mechanical damages: the brain is protected by a skull, back — a backbone, thorax internals (heart, easy and others) hide behind edges, genitals are closed by basin bones. Such protection provides us resistance to external influences, and well trained muscles are capable to enhance this effect.

Whether you know? At the time of our birth at us most of all bones — 300. Subsequently some grow together (and all become stronger) and their general quantity decreases up to 206.


The most noticeable function of a musculoskeletal system of the person. To a skeleton the creating movements of a muscle fasten. Due to their reductions various movements are carried out: bending/extension of extremities, walking and many other things.

Actually, it also is one of the main differences of representatives of the biological kingdom Animal — conscious and controlled movements in space.


Mitigation (depreciation) of movements for the account of the building and provisions of bones and cartilages. It is provided as a shape of bones (for example, a foot bend, strong tibial bones — the evolutionary mechanism, is most adapted for bipedalism and keeping of body weight with an emphasis only on one pair of extremities), and auxiliary fabrics — cartilages and articulate bags provide decrease in friction of bones in places of their joints.

Biological functions of a system

Also functions, other, important for activity, are also inherent in a musculoskeletal system.

The musculoskeletal system is positively influenced by myofascial release, an extension, a functional training, the Tibetan massage.


Process of formation of blood happens in so-called red marrow, but due to its location (in tubular bones) this function is also referred to the ODE.

In red marrow there is a hematopoiesis (blood formation) — creation of new blood cells, and partially immunopoez — maturing of the cages which are taking part in work of the immune system.


A large amount of substances necessary for an organism, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron accumulates and kept in bones. From there they flow in other bodies where join in exchange process. At the expense of these substances durability of bones and their resistance to external influences and also accretion speed after changes is provided.

Important! Problems with calcium are often caused not by its insufficient consumption, but fast washing away. It is promoted by such popular products as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sweet carbonated drinks and oxalic acid. It is better to exclude all this from a diet.

Main problems and injuries ODE

Though formation of a musculoskeletal system happens in youth, its development — the process continuing all life.

At injuries and problems with the musculoskeletal device the thirst of a bar for a belt, the Romanian draft with a bar are contraindicated, and run is allowed only in consent with the doctor.

The reasons of problems with the ODE, as well as their consequences, can be different:

  1. Wrong loading (insufficient or superfluous).
  2. The inflammatory processes affecting bone tissues, muscles or cartilages. Depending on an etiology and localization also the diagnosis differs.
  3. The violations connected with a metabolism, a shortcoming or surplus of any elements.
  4. Mechanical injuries (bruises, stretchings, fractures) and consequences of the wrong treatment.

Diseases of a musculoskeletal system

The diseases affecting our musculoskeletal system depress the variety:

  1. Arthritis affects joints, can flow in arthrosis.
  2. Infections can lodge in a circumarticular bag (bursit), muscles (miotit), marrow (osteomyelitis), on large joints (periartrit).
  3. The backbone can be bent, an ankle — to lose a tone.

Important! At any pains see a doctor! At early stages of a disease the ODE are treated by the simple and sparing methods: fizio- or manual therapy, massage, remedial gymnastics. If a disease in a heavy stage, treatment and rehabilitation are long and difficult.

Sports injuries

Of course, at due luck, it is possible to fall both out of the blue, and at the same time to break to itself something unexpected.

However, statistically, the most frequent injuries at sports activities are: muscle strain, various injuries of a shin, changes (legs generally suffer) and gaps (ligaments, cartilages or sinews).

We keep health: how to prevent troubles

To support an organism in a tone, and the ODE in the working and healthy condition, it is important to know what measures to undertake for maintenance normal of functions of the musculoskeletal device.

Nothing supernatural is required:

  1. Healthy lifestyle.
  2. Balanced food rich with calcium and other minerals and minerals.
  3. Regular physical loadings, age-appropriate and to the state of health.
  4. Walks to the sun (vitamin D) and fresh air.
  5. Maintenance of optimum body weight (obesity, as well as dystrophy — enemies the ODE).
  6. Convenient workplace.
  7. Regular medical examinations.

As we see if to maintain health of an organism in general, with its systems too everything will be as it should be. For this purpose it is not obligatory to play sports professionally. Will enough not neglect physical activity (in any form convenient to you, whether it be yoga, swimming or usual walks in the park), to observe a day regimen and to support a healthy food allowance. It is not so difficult. Be not ill!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team