In what Butterfly Effect essence

In what Butterfly Effect essence

Besides Butterfly Effect, that which can be received by means of paints and the sheet of paper there is more interesting phenomenon with the same name. In the latter case it designates communication of any trifle and global whole in the world.

Butterfly Effect in the scientific world

Butterfly Effect is a term which is used in natural sciences and has under itself total value of set of chaotic systems. What does it mean? It is possible to tell that even the slightest influence on some of systems bears for itself the most unpredictable and unforeseen consequences, not connected or remotely connected with any concrete system in any way. Consequences are not connected in any way with the place, over time an initial push.

The American meteorologist and the mathematician Edward Lorentz is one of founders of the term "Butterfly Effect" and actually the theory of chaos. According to its theory, it is very difficult to foretell what variations of the future can arise in the concrete place at present. There is always a probable proportion of errors. For example, the slightest wave of a wing of a little butterfly in the State of Iowa can bear in itself the breaking hurricane of events having the peak somewhere in Nepal. The same scientist became the author of the computer project who creates algorithms and foretells weather on the globe. And so, according to "Butterfly Effect" - there is no accurate algorithm. The slightest change in basic data - and all picture completely can change.

Butterfly Effect in literature and cinema

The problem of possible movement in time and influences on the subsequent events by return to own past, concerned mankind for a long time. Therefore reception of "Butterfly Effect" is often used at creation of story lines by many writers. The famous American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury in 1952 issued to the public the work under the name "Also Burst a Thunder". In the story is narrated that the butterfly who is unintentionally crushed in very distant past entailed for herself the terrifying consequences in the present. Did not avoid this subject and cinema. In 2004 the picture "Butterfly Effect" of the director Eric Bress and J. McKee Grubbera with Asheton Kutcher in a leading role was issued. In the movie the ordinary guy by means of the diary can move to the past and change it for all 360 degrees. Soon also the sequel of this movie followed. So in what an essence of "Butterfly Effect"? Proceeding from all aforesaid, and it is never impossible neither to predetermine anything, nor to foresee. It is only possible to build some guesses, theories, concerning development of the interesting events, and no more than that.

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