On what to catch small fry in the summer?

On what to catch small fry in the summer?

Small fry – one of the most widespread freshwater fishes therefore also fishers trade it rather often, especially during the summer period. Technology of catching is fishes does not differ in special complexity. The main thing, it is necessary to know on what to catch small fry in the summer and as it is correct to pick up a bait.

Tackle on small fry in the summer

To pick up equipment for catching, it is necessary to consider small fry habits. In the summer she becomes extremely careful therefore tackles have to be easy and sensitive. Usually in this quality use the fur rod up to 4-5 meters long which is most narrowed by the end. The fishing line has to be the thinnest – it considerably increases chances of the successful result of fishing. Experts advise those who look for the answer to a question on what to catch small fry in the summer, to try a monofishing line with a small diameter, but surely high quality that did not tear under weight of the fish coiling on a hook or at an accidental catch for snags and underwater plants. The float also should be chosen as small, soft, from ogruzky, allowing it to settle in water almost completely, except the sticking-out vershinka. Such is suitable a tackle for calm weather, and for windy it is possible to choose something heavier.

Bait for small fry in the summer

The choice of the correct bait is also important for small fry in the summer. Though skilled fishermen claim that it is possible to use practical any bait because during this period the fish becomes very gluttonous. But on what it is better to catch small fry in the summer, experts usually answer a question that fish pecks on a crank, maggots, manure bugs, worms more often. Also vegetable baits will approach: the steamed-out millet and oats, balls from steamed semolina and also, strangely enough, mint to which the small fry is extremely not indifferent. It is necessary to rub with its leaves the main bait and to pin a little on a hook.


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