Sting of a bee - advantage or harm?

Sting of a bee - advantage or harm?

Bees are considered as one of the most useful insects in the world. Without them we would not eat some berries, did not see flowers, would never taste sweet and natural honey. The biggest trouble is that they quite painfully sting people. Not without the reason, thus they defend from possible danger, but nevertheless. It is worth understanding whether there are an advantage or harm, that you were bitten by a bee. For some people, in particular allergic persons, the sting of a bee can do deadly harm. In medicine, in turn, this procedure is used in the medical purposes and it is called – apiotherapy.

To contain in poison of a bee substances, both useful, and harmful to a human body. If to carry out the exact analysis and to appoint treatment, then it will not do harm, and here if to meet a bee in the forest or just on the street, pleasant feelings will not be. Treat useful substances of bee sting: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and some biologically active agents. If to receive these vitamins, the sting of a bee will become useful. Painful feelings appear owing to hit in an organism of a melitin, a histamine, an apamim, a phospholipase. How will correctly benefit from a sting of a little bee?

What advantage of a sting of a bee?

It should be noted that under supervision of experienced experts, the sting of a bee and its toxic agents, at some diseases can bring big benefit. For example, after a purposeful sting, the metabolism in a human body which has problems with a stomach or an intestinal path considerably improves. The hormonal system is on the mend, in total with decrease of the activity of inflammatory processes. A pleasant bonus to possible pain and it is yet not all advantage of a sting of a bee. Also, along with it practically all harmful microorganisms perish and the habitat of internals is restored. Even warm activity is normalized, arterial blood pressure decreases and nervous system of the person is recovered.

Do not forget that these procedures are applied only in the specialized organizations, under observation of experienced doctors. At treatment the apiotherapy applies not one sting, but dozens, and it is independently possible to work great mischief to itself. It is strictly forbidden to put it into practice alone and without experience.

Harm from a sting of a bee

Whatever one may do, the sting in itself rather painful can also do to the person harm. Allergic persons give practically at once on it reaction and only qualified specialists and special medicines can save them. The most difficult in this situation, is that the person can not suspect about the allergy. Distinguish from other symptoms: dizziness, a headache, heartbeat increase, gripes in eyes, a feverish state, short wind, nausea and vomiting, are possible faints. Especially badly stings are transferred by children 10 years and the more so babies are younger. Bees, though positive insects, but nevertheless nobody is insured from possible infections and infections which they can bring on the sting. Therefore, experts advise, right after removal from sting skin, to process the place the disinfecting medicines to exclude the probability of infection with more serious infections.

At a sting there is a set of national ways of removal of painful feelings, for example, to wet sugar lump sugar and to put to a sore point. But, if you gather for the nature, or are in places where appearance of these insects is possible, it is worth securing itself special medicines which are on sale in any drugstore.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team