Symptoms of diabetes at men

Symptoms of diabetes at men

Every year the number of patients sugar diabetes considerably increases. It is possible to claim safely that this disease grows into an epidemic. Besides representatives of a strong half of mankind are subject to it several times more women. Despite so sad data, having managed to reveal symptoms of diabetes at men, it is possible to save not one life and family from misfortune.

The first symptoms of diabetes at men

Before passing to the detailed description of symptomatology of an initial stage of diabetes, it is necessary to remember that itself is not recommended to make the diagnosis. It is better to see behind consultation a doctor.

  1. Fatigue. The person did not manage to begin the day, even physically to load himself with something, and here he feels inconceivable fatigue as if all night long did not sleep. Besides, few months ago, and even year can, he did not test anything similar.
  2. Sex life. If earlier the partner was always crazy about the partner, then now the sexual weakness which not only introduces difficulties to the intimate sphere lodged in his life, but also is the first symptom of diabetes at men. To it it is necessary to add still emergence of painful feelings during the occupations sex. On a head of the member or around it hypostases develop. Sexual joys seldom come to the end with an orgasm.
  3. Getting thirsty. Round the clock thirst and how many glasses of water would not be drunk torments, in a mouth the unclear dryness appears.
  4. Stress. Daily any person is attacked by a stress, but much can cope with such vital "surprises". At the first symptoms of a disease of the personality it is difficult to overcome even the slightest unpleasant situations.
  5. Hypodynamia. Suddenly from where do not undertake, there is desire not to go anywhere, to do nothing. As a result the foundation for an inactive way of life is laid.
  6. Dryness of skin. The man addresses dermatologists, gynecologists with a problem of appearance of an itch in various sites of skin. That they did not register, all the same nothing helps.
  7. Sight. Gradually it begins to lose the former force. The world before eyes gains vagueness.
  8. Pricking of extremities. Periodically there is a numbness.
  9. Not healing wounds. Any cut, a gnoynichok does not begin to live several weeks. It is explained, first of all, by the fact that the organism lacks the protein necessary for an imunozashchita.
  10. Hunger. Patients feel continuous hunger, even then, when ate. One reason for that: since there is no insulin, it is difficult to cages to absorb the glucose which is contained in blood.
  11. Urination. Frequent campaigns in a toilet are a consequence of loss of a considerable amount of water together with urine.
  12. "Dirt" in skin folds. Skin armpits and on a neck gets a dark shade. The feeling of dirty appearance is created.

Diabetes consequences at men

For the reason that blood and fabrics contains a large number of sugar, DNA of gametes of the person is damaged. It is capable to provoke infertility in the future (at men with diabetes much less spermatozoa, than at the healthy individual are developed).

Over time there is a peeling of a retina. There is a probability of appearance of short-sightedness, cataract and even blindness.

Walls of vessels lose former plasticity that leads to increase in arterial blood pressure. As a result stenocardia cases are frequent. Will not be superfluous to note that such consequences of diabetes can arise at those men who have a tabakozavisimost and excess weight. Feet of diabetics have such low nervous sensitivity that the patient is not capable to feel a cut or pounded till it bleeds a callosity. It is fraught with developing of abscesses, ulcers, at worst – gangrenes.


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