How to cancel authorization

How to cancel authorization

If to consider this concept it is abstract, then authorization is a procedure of confirmation of the right of a certain person to carry out any given action. In relation to the Internet, for example, creation of the new message at a forum, viewing statistics in a personal account of the user, implementation of the translation in the system of Internet banking, etc. can be such action. Technology of network authorization such is that a set of permissions to some actions is given not to the particular person, but its browser. From this feature different ways of canceling of authorization also follow.


1. Find the link "Output" on the website and click it - it is the easiest way of canceling of authorization which is used very widely on different web resources. This option can be formulated differently, but performs the same function - cancels authentication of your browser on the server. This term is called the procedure of establishment of compliance between the login entered by you and the account existing on this website. The rights to carry out any given actions are tied to this account and if compliance is broken off, then also all rights will be automatically lost, that is authorization canceling will be carried out.

2. Implement the operation described in the previous step "manually" if to use the corresponding link on the website there is no opportunity. In authentication process (when you log in) the scripts of the website set compliance between data of your browser (first of all - the IP address) and the "session" which is specially created for it. This comparison is fixed by entry in the file or in the database. To break off such compliance and these should cancel authentication together with authorization or to destroy the file storing record or to replace a session. The file can be placed in your computer is all known "cookies". What browser at you would not be installed, it surely has a cleaning option Cook - use it. And for change of a session it is necessary to close the browser and, it is desirable, to wait for minutes ten. If there is an opportunity to disconnect, and then again to connect the Internet, then it will be even more effective method.

3. If you need to cancel only authorization without authentication canceling, that is to cancel the rights to carry out different actions in a system, at the same time remaining the user identified by this system, then to make it without intervention of the administrator it will hardly turn out. A set of the rights for different user groups in absolute majority of such systems is set in their administration systems therefore you should contact the operator of technical support. Ask to transfer you to other group which is not providing an opportunity to carry out those operations which you want to refuse. Though, the rights to each certain user personally allow administrators to install some advanced systems - specify at the operator whether there is such option in your system.

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