How to prick lip

How to prick lip

Piercing of lip was widely used since the most ancient times. But if at early stages of history it was certain symbol, then for the modern person became ornament. Many consider that it is safe, and it is possible to prick lip independently. But it far not so, is required big care and attentiveness.


1. In advance prepare necessary materials for carrying out piercing-operations. Gloves, titanic or plastic labreta or ringlets, new needle with a diameter not less than a millimeter or catheter and also peroxide of hydrogen and cotton wool will be necessary for you for disinfection.

2. Carefully wash up hands, prepare workplace and put on new gloves.

3. It is possible to do piercing on all perimeter of lips. Having decided on location, attentively examine lip inside. For this purpose slightly delay it and find the site where it is visible least of all blood vessels. It is necessary to avoid their damage in time piercing operation.

4. Process hydrogen peroxide the site of skin from the inside in that place where you are going to prick lip. Also carefully disinfect needle.

5. The fast movement make puncture. Then remove needle and at once put on in advance disinfected to pier. It is not necessary to remove it at least a week. Do not forget to process daily puncture hydrogen peroxide.

6. During healing of puncture categorically it is not recommended to take alcohol or to smoke. Also limit yourself from spicy and salty food. All this is irritant for wound.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team