The parable about Love and Time

The parable about Love and Time

They say that very long time ago, somewhere it is very far, there was a mysterious island on which there lived the most important Cultural Wealth of mankind. And nothing intruded upon their leisure until once the Attentiveness suddenly with horror did not see that the island, appears, slowly leaves under water.

On the island the alarm began, each Value got on the ship, having prepared for departure. However remained on the island of Lyubov which did not want to leave the house. But there came that moment when there is no piece of sushi left, and then Lyubov addressed to by to the Wealth floating by the ship, with a request to take it.

The greedy Wealth rubbed hands and told:

- Forgive, but at me too much place was taken by gold, silver and other jewelry, am afraid, to you not to find the place any more!

Grief, floating by too, refused the Love shelter, having referred to the fact that she is too sad and therefore does not need the company.

Whereas time was swum by by Pride, and Lyubov began to ask about the help. But Pride refused as considered that the harmony by the ship is much more important.

In despair, Lyubov began to cry, shout bitterly that though someone heard her. However Joy had so fun when it swam by Love that even the suffering appeal executed a grief passed by her ears.

And Svoboda? Well, she was always excessively free to float by the ship with someone else.

The last hope abandoned Lyubov. Any help, it is visible, it was not necessary to expect. And here the low voice was distributed:

- I will take you, Lyubov, floated.

Lyubov jumped, joyful, and floated with the old man who called her. When they reached sushi, Lyubov, unfortunately, forgot to say goodbye to the savior whom already and the trace caught a cold. Lyubov was upset, but here saw the walking Knowledge ashore. With hope Lyubov rushed to it.

- Tell, Knowledge, you do not know who my savior? Did you see this aged man?

And Knowledge answered:

- Really you did not learn? This Time.

- How? Time? – Lyubov was surprised. – But why only it came to the rescue of me?

- But because only Time understands, it is how important when in life there is Lyubov. – sadly Knowledge answered.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team