What navigator it is better to buy for the car?

What navigator it is better to buy for the car?

Many motorists are concerned by a question of a right choice of the navigator. How to buy this device and at the same time to receive in property a combination the price - quality? In this article – it is detailed about what navigator it is better to buy for the car.

What the navigator in the car is better to buy?

Further – how it is correct to choose the automobile navigator and to what characteristics it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase. For a start it is necessary to define for itself need of existence of such function as definition of traffic jams of the megalopolis. The devices having this function are usually much more expensive than navigators "without traffic jams". However the choice of the navigator "with traffic jams" is relevant only in case the owner of a car lives in the densely populated megalopolis where traffic jams are a commonplace. In addition, data on traffic jams can be loaded by means of bluetooth or GPRS. The module type also influences cost. The navigator equipped with the second module is usually more expensive, however the device as the module having "blue tooth" demands existence of phone to which all data are transferred.

Answering a question of how it is correct to choose the navigator for the car, you should not forget also about a right choice of providing. In spite of the fact that the navigator – not the computer, nevertheless, it is the hi-tech device, with a set of additional functions. In this case it is extremely difficult to advise something certain – everything depends on preferences of the specific person.

Concerning the screen it is possible to tell that it is worth paying attention not only to its sizes, but also and to quality of the image. The most optimal variant – 5 inches.

And in completion how it is correct to choose the navigator concerning existence of multimedia of functions. In principle on devices with ON from Windows this set is standard, but some differences, nevertheless – exist. In particular they can say in number of the read-out formats, existence of office programs and the built-in TV (novelty).


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