What nitrites differ from nitrates in

What nitrites differ from nitrates in

Nitrites and nitrates are salts of nitric acid, but they differ from each other in the structure. There are, for example, nitrites of lead or silver, and there are nitrates of salt, metals, oxides, hydroxides. And if nitrites in water are not dissolved, then nitrates are dissolved in it almost completely.

Nitrites and nitrates differ not only by the name, in the formula they have also different elements. However there is also what "makes related" them. The area of application of these substances is rather wide. They are present at a human body too, and if they crowd too much, the person gets severe poisoning which can lead even to a lethal outcome.

What is nitrates

In other words, nitrates are salts of nitric acid. They contain one-digit anion in the formula. Earlier nitrate was called saltpeter. Now so call minerals and also fertilizers applied in agriculture.

Nitrates turn out by means of nitric acid which influences metals, oxides, salts and hydroxides. All nitrates can be dissolved in water. In a firm state they are strong oxidizers, but their properties vanish if to add nitric acid to solution. Nitrates keep the properties at a usual temperature, but at a low temperature melt, and before the fullest decomposition. Process of receiving these substances very difficult therefore it will be interesting, perhaps, only to chemists. Nitrates are a basis for explosives - it is ammonites and other substances. They are applied in the basic and as mineral fertilizers. Already there is no secret that plants use nitrogen from salt for creation of cages of the organism. The plant creates a chlorophyll which it lives. But in an organism of people, nitrates become nitrites which are capable to send the person to the grave.

Nitrites – too salts

Nitrites are salts of nitric acid too, but with other formula in the chemical structure. Sodium nitrites, calcium nitrites are known. Also nitrites of lead, silver, alkaline, alkaline-earth, 3D - metals are known. These are crystal substances which are inherent also in potassium or barium. Some substances are well dissolved in water, others, such as nitrites of silver, mercury or copper, are badly dissolved in it. It is remarkable that in organic solvents nitrites too are practically not dissolved. But if to increase temperature, the solubility of nitrites improves. The mankind uses nitrites when receiving nitric dyes, for receiving a caprolactam and also as the oxidizing and restoring reagents in rubber, textile and metal-working industry. For example, nitrite of sodium is good preservative, is applied by production of concrete mixes as the accelerator of curing and antifrosty additive. Nitrites are poison for hemoglobin of the person therefore they need to be brought from an organism daily. They get into a human body or a direct way or with any other substances. If the human body functions normally, the necessary amount of substance remains, and unnecessary – is removed. And here if the person is sick, the problem with poisoning with nitrites appears.

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