Advantage of a mulberry

Advantage of a mulberry

Berries of a mulberry contain many minerals and vitamins. In addition, berries very tasty. By the form they remind blackberry, the only difference - berries of a mulberry of more extended form.

The mulberry is vitamin-rich C, PP, B1 and 2. Berries contain many acids which are necessary for an organism (phosphoric, citric, apple acid). The mulberry helps an organism to fill reserves of glucose, iron, fructose. Still the mulberry stimulates blood circulation, improves a metabolism. Berries of a mulberry improve immunity, help to be restored after cold. Still they well influence a fat and carbohydraee metabolism.

According to ancient Chinese recipes, infusion from a root, leaves or bark of a mulberry reduces arterial blood pressure. Not for nothing the mulberry is useful at diseases of a cardiovascular system.

In traditional medicine of berry use at diseases of a respiratory system. At a chronic or acute bronchitis, asthma or pneumonia recommend broth of a mulberry which is capable to remove a phlegm, to remove residual symptoms of a respiratory disease. Juice from berries of a mulberry will help to normalize work of a gastrointestinal system. It is applied even in fight against extra kilos. Infusion of a mulberry helps to get rid of a diarrhea. And to bring to naught risk of dysbacteriosis, it is necessary just to a thicket there is a mulberry. The black mulberry is an excellent antidepressant. Mulberry decoctions help to increase vitality, to get rid of a depression, to cope with a stress. Besides, broth possesses diuretic action. As we see, advantage of a mulberry much. We recommend to taste these tasty berries to improve the state of health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team