10 habits of smart women

10 habits of smart women

As easily we distinguish the smart lady from the ordinary woman. She looks ideally from tips of nails to the top, has excellent taste and builds the ideal relations with people. Sometimes it seems that she sold soul to a devil, but if to observe it, then it is possible to emit several its secretion helping to look adequately, stylish and elegantly every day.

Ability to put on appropriateOne of the main signs of the stylish lady – ability to select clothes according to a case. The smart girl always follows this rule. She will never put on a stunning short red dress in office, you will never see her in the whole arsenal of jewelry on the beach. The magnificent woman knows that the harmony and relevance of appearance speak about high personal development. These characteristics impress more, than extravagance and desire to be allocated.

Underwear is a basis of confidence and an indicator of taste of the magnificent lady. The choice of underwear generates a set of nuances, in the matter not only beauty, but also quality of materials as it directly adjoins to gentle skin of the owner matters and affects her health. Also, the smart woman always pays attention to compliance of linen to the main dress. For example, the lace which is looking through through thin knitwear will not add to an image of refinement, and smooth linen will perform the main function, but will remain unnoticed.

AromaThe aroma of the smart woman tells about her character more, than she would like to tell. It gives out not only her addictions, but also the relation to life therefore the magnificent lady always carefully approaches perfumery choice. She can choose long enough the aroma as she does not want to be content with cheap spirits of which every third woman in the subway smells. But when it will find the smell, people around will be delighted with it.

Certainly, the tremendous bearing and the captivating gait give smart women. The magnificent lady will always hold a back exactly, to go easy steps, having straightened shoulders as she self-assured and wishes that people around noticed it. The direct bearing speaks not only about moral position of the woman, but also about harmony in the sphere of health.

Distinctive feature of all ideal women is the attractiveness. They perfectly understand that beauty which got by nature should be maintained, otherwise it will run low. With it they are helped by moderate sport, healthy food, a regular dream and modern medicine. Ordinary women have two extremes in the relations with modern medicine: they or do not use its fruits, or use it too diligently. And smart ladies always know when to stop.

Irreconcilability in relation to addictionsYou will never meet the magnificent woman with a cigarette in teeth or an alcohol bottle. Ideal girls will never poison the organism with poisons as understand, how hard in the modern world beauty which they know the price is given.

The smart woman, certainly, possesses a habit, important for any modern person, namely – ability to find pleasure in life. Such woman will not spend precious time of the life for hated work or the unloved husband. She will find forces to say goodbye both to that, and to another. The magnificent woman tries to get down to business, only if feels to sparking enthusiasm for it. She wants to communicate close only with those people in whom she shows genuine interest, and they can answer her with the same.

The modern smart woman has to understand art of etiquette not worse than the true aristocrat as rules of conduct in society are created in order that it was convenient and pleasant to people to communicate. And the magnificent lady always cares for the situation in society. She with pleasure uses the rules developed by many generations, themselves for the good. Such woman always competently speaks, is able to accept compliments and to behave adequately in any environment.

Independence – one of main rules of the magnificent woman. True ladies know how it is difficult to be independent therefore have boundless respect for others work. They understand that independence does not appear in itself, for it the basis is necessary. Smart girls find this base in the brilliant education. Not important, as whom such woman works, thanks to the commitment and persistence she achieves success in any industry.

And, perhaps, the most important rule of the smart girl is a self-confidence. She for a second does not doubt the choice, the knowledge, the appearance and appeal. Such confidence attracts and forces to admire. It is a basis of life of the smart woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team