10 things which are familiar to all who lived without the Internet

10 things which are familiar to all who lived without the Internet

The Internet became a part of modern life. It is difficult to young people to present that only couple of decades ago lovers agreed about the meeting place in advance, and for information search it was necessary to go to library.

Now only by means of the computer or mobile devices people have an opportunity to read books, to communicate, listen to favourite music, to gain knowledge. But not so long ago all did without world wide web. Opportunities was much less, but still people remember some things with nostalgia. 

Played in the street before dark

Prior to the beginning of an era of the Internet children spent much more time on the street. If now many parents cannot force the child to distract from computer games and to go out for a walk, then it was difficult to tire out the son or the daughter home earlier. Children played in classics, elastics, built headquarters on trees. They vanished on the street before dark, tore apart in knee blood, but were happy. 

Called the girl on the home phone number

When there were no smartphones not only, but also mobile phones, it was necessary to call friends or the girlfriend on the home phone number. For many this moment was not really convenient. Parents could take the call. Before hearing a voice of the darling, it was necessary to communicate with her strict father. 

Looked for answers to questions in the encyclopedia

The Internet opened great opportunities before people. It is possible to find any information in worldwide network on the interesting topic. Now to write the paper, the thesis it is possible without leaving the house. It was necessary to look for answers to all questions in encyclopedias earlier. People bought books more often. At many were at home there were whole collections of rare editions. When the suitable book did not appear near at hand, it was necessary to go to library. For many it was at the same time useful pastime and way to communicate, start new acquaintances. 

Exchanged notes and wrote touching letters

With the advent of the Internet the remote communication strongly became simpler. To contact someone, it is enough to send the message or to write to it on social networks. Earlier people wrote each other letters and put in order by mail. It was very touching. Interest was stirred by painful expectation. School students wrote short notes on changes and exchanged them that nobody saw the text of the message. 

In advance agreed about the meeting place

Without the Internet and mobile phones it was necessary to make appointment in advance. Men very much were nervous when girls long were not. Expectation frightened as it was impossible to know precisely whether the person will come to a meeting or it changed plans. Now it is difficult even to present it. Always it is possible to call and cancel an appointment, or to communicate through social networks. 

Waited for broadcast of favourite transfers

Before emergence of the Internet of transfer, animated films, art cinema could be watched only on TV, and it is strict during broadcasting time. People attentively studied the program for several days ahead, and then watched for time of display of favourite cinema. It was very offensive to pass the next series of interesting transfer. 

Ordered favourite songs on radio

It was possible to listen to good music before emergence of the Internet on radio. Cartridges there was not always an opportunity to get, not all had tape recorders therefore people listened to radio. If there was a wish to enjoy a favourite melody, they rang certain time for radio station and ordered songs. It was an excellent gift for relatives. 

Remembered or wrote down phone numbers in the separate book

With arrival of the Internet and mobile phones it became very simple to keep contacts of the necessary people. There were electronic notebooks. In memory of phone it is possible to keep many numbers. If it is necessary to call someone, it is worth finding the necessary contact and to press the button. Earlier all numbers had to be written down on paper, and every time to type them on phone. 

Played ""Tetris"" 

The choice of modern Internet games just strikes. Earlier people had no opportunity to spend time in network. But other games were popular. ""Tetris"" was favourite entertainment of many school students. And the game ""Sea battle"" perfectly developed thinking. To play game, was to find handles and leaflets of squared paper enough. 

Fearlessly made mistakes

Modern people have smartphones with good cameras. On them they remove all events around if events deserve attention. Such technical progress has also a negative side. Many began in panic to be afraid to make a mistake, to appear in a ridiculous situation. People around can immediately get phones and begin to remove, and then video will scatter on network. Earlier people were not afraid of it therefore behaved often more naturally. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team