40 years in marriage: what is a wedding

40 years in marriage: what is a wedding

The fortieth wedding anniversary is called ruby. As any gemstone, a ruby finds the beauty after a facet. Spouses can be compared to jewelers: having lived together not one decade, having passed through difficulties side by side, they made the real jewelry of the family life.

Forty years from the wedding day – a holiday of true love. Not all couples manage to pass this distance and again to appear at the holiday table as the groom and the bride. The ruby is chosen as a symbol of the fortieth wedding anniversary not for nothing. First, it has the red color reminding blood. Forty years of marriage of the spouse later so grew together together that became a whole, having continued the sort. Secondly, process of a facet of a ruby very labor-consuming and long. To live forty years together and to keep love also not easy. Thirdly, everything that is connected with subject of love is traditional, has pink, red or burgundy color. The ruby possesses a set of shades: from gentle-pink to saturated-red.

The ruby is appreciated also at other people. For example, at Chinese it is a fidelity symbol. And at Indians – a symbol of good health and happy love.

Traditions of a ruby wedding

By tradition in ruby anniversary some couples change the wedding rings for rings with rubies. It is necessary to celebrate a celebration in red tones. It is possible to decorate the room with red balloons, on backs of chairs to tie satin ribbons. On a table the combination of a white cloth and red candles will be beautiful to look. By fortieth anniversary of the spouse reach age of 60-70 years, and it means that at a holiday there have to be not only children, but also grandsons. Pie with a red stuffing from berries of cherry, raspberry, strawberry or currant and red wine has to become decoration of a holiday table.

What to present on a ruby wedding

On a forty-year wedding anniversary jewelry with rubies is usually given: bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches. With guarantee will please spouses of a casket, decorated with rubies. Such gift not only is symbolical and expensive, but also is practical. Economic option – bed linen of red shades with the image on love subject or a big beautiful plaid. It is possible to present mahogany furniture, for example, a coffee table. For judges of good wine a set of red wines with various tastes and long endurance will become a fine gift. To please spouses, it is possible to present them the big photo in a frame at which there are all family members. Or the picture painted according to the photo, on which spouses together. Whatever gift you chose, do not forget beautifully it to issue. Packing has to be red color, and as a decor scarlet tapes will approach. For a bouquet choose red and burgundy roses.

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