7 signs that you are a clever woman

7 signs that you are a clever woman

According to the explanatory dictionary by Ojegov, it is ability of the person to think of mind, a basis of adult and intelligent life. Clever people easily are guided in the taking place events, gracefully get out of difficult life situations. How to understand that you are a clever woman?

The clever woman – what it?

The clever, highly educated, intellectually developed woman always is in the center of attention. It is interesting to communicate with her, she is full of the new ideas, plans. Councils of the clever woman are reasonable, weighed, she is capable to look at a situation from the different points of view.

The clever woman remembers that men do not like to feel silly. Therefore in certain situations when it is necessary to make an impression on the man, to give it the chance to relax and feel the cleverest, the intellectual can recede into the background. The ability to understand people and to find with them a common language is inherent in the woman with the high level of development of intelligence.

The self-criticism and introspection are distinctive features of the conceiving person. How to understand whether you correspond to a rank "clever woman" and over what in respect of personal development it is possible to work?

Signs of the clever woman

1. The clever woman keeps thinking.

In the head of it there is no emptiness. She mentally comments on each action, argues, predicts consequences of the decisions. If necessary to make a choice, she conducts internal dialogue with by itself. This habit allows not to make rash acts, to keep the life under control.

2. The clever woman has a rich lexicon.

 She reads much, well understands the professional industry. Constantly developing, the clever woman is interested in features of modern development of other professions, new technologies. She watches a political situation. Her erudition allows to conduct intellectual conversations on various subjects. The clever woman – the pleasant and interesting interlocutor.

3. The clever woman is inquisitive.

It has a wide range of interests. The unusual fact, a new word generate in it the need for information search. At variety of opportunities for fast obtaining new knowledge in the modern world, the clever woman constantly develops. At the same time she tries to obtain qualitative information. Clever movies, serious books, scientific articles are for it more preferable, than serial series and yellow press. The clever woman loves and appreciates intellectual humour.

4. The clever woman plans the life.

She perfectly understands that without accurate reference points it is difficult to move on life. It has a plan not only for tomorrow, but also main goals in life are defined. It regularly with these purposes verifies all the acts, defining whether in the right direction moves. She remembers and that the purpose registered on paper is reached quicker.

5. The clever woman communicates with clever people.

She seeks for communication with the people having the equal or surpassing it level of intellectual development. Constantly developing, it tries to keep step with cleverer people, adopting their knowledge. All friends of the clever woman differ in high intelligence.

6. The clever woman improves soul and a body.

She understands that qualitative full-fledged life is possible only with physical and mental health. These are important components of her life to which the clever woman pays due attention. Regular trainings by sport, visits of the museums and theaters, reading literary novelties are not less important for it, than a training of mental capacities.

7. At the clever woman the logic is well developed.

She easily solves logical problems and draws the correct conclusions in tasks to sharpness. It allows it to cope easily with unforeseen situations, to react quickly to changes of a surrounding situation.

All her life is thought logically over, all components are interconnected.

Why it is necessary to be clever?

In our century of scientific and technical progress, rapid development of new technologies, in an age of intelligence it is still possible to hear reasonings on whether the mind is necessary to the woman. The answer to it can be only one: yes!

The clever woman is pleasant to people around. She is proud of herself. And for her partner in life it is a reason for pride too.

The clever woman to be prestigious. Career development, material stability, confidence in the future highly are quoted in the modern world.

The clever woman is authoritative. To her not only members of household, friends and acquaintances listen. She is appreciated at work as professional, respect her opinion and take it into account at decision-making.

The mind, the high level of development of mental abilities is a powerful female weapon. The clever woman affects the behavior and behavior of people around, makes the right decisions. She can be gentle and strong, weak and courageous. The clever woman is positive that allows it to see good points even in troubles.

The clever woman is capable to build reasonably the life, to find in it the place of love, to creativity and happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team