About what the people consisting in the ideal relations do not worry

About what the people consisting in the ideal relations do not worry

This set of points - the peculiar mini-test allowing to understand whether your partner is a person with whom you would like to live all life. If you find out that you agreed almost with all points, accept our congratulations - you ideal couple.


At the beginning of the relations the people give a lot of time to the hairstyle and a condition of hair in general. Provstrechavshis with the person some time, you can relax and stop being so careful. For example, you dare to collect dirty hair in a tail or simply you put on a hat.


If at the beginning of the relations it is peculiar to people worries, than their elect is busy at present, then over time he deserves such trust that you do not pay attention any more even if it will go to a dinner from Amber Hird.

Time separately

That moment when you realize that you should not spend without a break all 24 hours time together, it is possible to call your general holiday safely. Only very strong relations reach such moment.


Perfectly, when there is no need to think out mythical affairs or the different reasons for refusal of an appointment. When the partner understands that you just want to spend time on a sofa embracing a cat and accepts it, really wonderfully.

The whims

If at the beginning of the relations we are nervous and we take great pain to hide features of the temper, then over time the partner allows us completely will be liberated and just to become by itself.

You not the pop star

It is not obligatory for you to look on all hundred at all to feel like darling. You are loved not for appearance at all.

Other women

You are not confused by messages from his girlfriends in its phone though earlier you noticeably were nervous. But now you know that you - its only.


The intimate proximity as feeling of spiritual unity is already not so important for you. Sex is, and it is good, it is simple not such frequent any more. But everything suits both of you.

Calls and messages

You accepted the fact that your partner has a life besides you, and absolutely quietly react if you do not receive from him messages with declarations of love each 30 minutes.

Personal time

Your partner has an opportunity to be engaged in what he wants, and at the same time not to report to you. Each person has the right for personal space.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team