As it is correct to say goodbye to the man

As it is correct to say goodbye to the man

How competently to leave the man if he is a bastard? And maybe, it you left to another? How to be if the relations became obsolete, the majority of meetings comes to an end with partings. What to do if the man demands to return gifts? Remember how many was at you men, not those with whom there was an intimate proximity and those whom left. With whom at least once went out on dates, and then it was gone, or you did not begin to build up the relationship. With whom were familiar, maybe, week and also men with whom there were deep relations, husbands including. It is necessary to remember how many they were, and you will see, this problem is how important.

In most cases when parting we kick in the teeth each other. In the course of communication among themselves we develop a certain information field. Therefore that some kind of negative power tail did not try to keep step with us. the first that needs to learn is to tell pleasant things even if the man after break in relations demands to return back a gift, or made meanness, roughly called, struck. Quite naturally that the similar behavior of the man causes counter aggression – to act this way not as a real man. The girl wants to tell and play on the man in reply a dirty trick. And the man behaved meanly because he in turn, before, was offended by another. Kept the appointment, coqueted, then did not take the call, already another, the third. And on the fourth it broke.

Girls have similar situations too - the young man on an appointment paid pleasant compliments, paid for a lunch, saw off, promised a new meeting and … .propat. She calls him, it in reply: "it is busy, I will call back" and … silence again. The unpleasant deposit remains in soul. And other men feel it, keep at arm's length and in the wife do not hurry to take, only use. 

This chain reaction can put an end, not important who began the first. That to break off this vicious circle, it is necessary to call all those men whom left whom you stopped and … .poblagodarit for a big vital lesson to leave a warm, kind trace in soul of the former partner. 

Sometimes, after break in relations, in soul there are deep wounds.  Energy which boils inside at break in relations – pain despair, offense – can be transformed through gratitude to love. To wait from men of miracle balm on the broken female heart – waste of time. Men are busy with more important issues – work, crisis, business. Present them love, support. One of love components - charity, donation and forgiveness, it too some kind of acceptance. If you did not forgive the last man, then the present cannot already be loved.

 Especially on the eve of holidays, there is an occasion to call the man to congratulate him and to tell warm words. And you in reply will hear pleasant words if you are sincere. The more you are filled with gratitude, the more you will lucky in new year.  

The love can learn to be created. At those who give emergence of feelings on will of a case and destiny to lives it turns out, as in a proverb – from love to hatred one step. The woman at who from within heart burns with pure light attracts men as moths. Ring round all, let them was 40 or 100, and there can be three. Before a call create to yourself good mood: dance, look at the comedy, eat cake.

What can you tell it? Begin with appreciation because it is a love component. You first kind of force yourselves to feel love for the person with whom the relations are complete.

Words which you can tell can sound approximately so: "In my life for the first time there was a man (here you actually do not dissemble, you met this person for the first time) who influenced me in such a way that I remembered this meeting well. Never before in me such pleasant feeling of good, heat, and pleasure as when you appeared in my life was born. Even today, when I made the decision to leave you, I have this fertile feeling of good, love and friendship"

Because friendship, actually is an unconditional love. The love of reason is a respect.

"And I besides respect you because you are a man as the personality very strong. You made me another, I prior to this meeting was (even if you met once) not such open, trustful, purposeful, self-assured and strong (improvise). Nobody ever in life paid me compliments on such subject. I believed in myself, maybe, more than is. I for the first time visited that restaurant (or other place). Surely remember real places and feelings. Our kiss under the moon – this that romantic instant which any more never in life will be able to repeat. I remembered it forever and I am sure that it will dream me in many years. I wish my future daughter had such man who will be able to present such unforgettable meeting. That my future son on the acts or physical data, resembled you"".

Find something good in the man. For example, ""that my son had hands or eyes as at you"". Present how it will be pleasant to man to hear it from you. That my son was eloquent as you, are free in communication. For the man it is extremely appreciation. You to former will save life, it will not harm other girls any more, and  will do on the contrary to them pleasant things. And to you it will be rendered.

"I want ours with you minutes to be remembered only by a kind word in spite of the fact that we leave. This farewell will be with a smile because it is our life and that part, let and small, was with you. I thought only of you, you even dreamed me, I remembered you, closing eyes, I saw you, I heard only your voice. You remember your look, then, in cafe, it was unforgettable, you, dropped the eyes down, and I understood – you want me! And though we with you had nothing (in case was not) for me it was the highest degree appreciation. I felt the woman! Perhaps it was not so, but allow me to dream of it! It is not important that we leave now, there are men who can meet and be not to noticed as the passerby passed by. But you are a man who not just leaves a mark in soul, and changes life completely, changes the direction of development, changes thoughts, changes the fate of the woman. And you are that man. You are that man who can be for any woman a gift. Perhaps, we are not created for each other, maybe, I make a mistake, it is not important. The fact is that we will leave behind. Because many people live to exist, and you live to create".

Let this speech will be even longer, and even more penetrating. Then you also are filled with gratitude and appreciation and if you were filled – you are ready to accept true love. Create the base for future love - begin new year in new life, in a new state. Not just from scratch, and from pluses in soul. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team