As it is original to get acquainted with the girl

As it is original to get acquainted with the girl

Acquaintance to the girl can become for the guy a serious problem: first, difficult happens to pick up suitable options of the beginning of a conversation, and secondly, everything to spoil strong fear and to be refused can nullify chances. Experimenting with unusual options, you reduce risk.

Options of original acquaintance

If you well draw, make a beautiful sketch, having chosen romantic subject, and write that you would like to get acquainted. After that find the girl who will be pleasant to you, and hand a leaf to her. It is original and interesting therefore the chance is high that will not refuse to you and if refuse for some reason, then will make it softly. Other option is to write a note and to present it together with a rose. This way will suit those who in drawing are not strong.

If you have a professional camera and you are able to use it, so you have a remarkable option for acquaintance. Approach the pleasant girl and offer her a free professional photoshoot directly here and now. Especially such offer will be highly appreciated by young beauties who very much like a model role. Do not forget to note a beautiful figure, an elegant hairstyle and other advantages of the girl, explaining why you chose it. First, it will help you to get acquainted easily and even to communicate closer, to learn about the woman more. Secondly, you should send her photos, so, acquaintance will continue, besides the girl herself will be interested in it.

As it is possible to get acquainted with the girl

Girls were tired of standard templates of acquaintance long ago and often at once refuse to men who use the methods which already set the teeth on edge. Try to use classical phrases, "overturning" them. It will help you to surprise the girl and to considerably increase chances of acquaintance. For example, instead of "Which now hour" can be told: "Do you want, I will tell you how many now time?" Other option is to smile to the woman and if she smiles in reply, to approach her and to tell: "I see, you make advances to me!". Try to render an original courtesy. For example, learn to do heart in the equipment of origami, execute such hand-made article, having carefully worked all lines, and then develop paper. Approach on the street the girl, offer it beautiful focus and on already prepared lines quickly put heart from a leaf. Present it, having offered acquaintance and further communication. The chance is high that the girl will like both such darling and unusual option of acquaintance, and symbolical character of a situation when the guy gives "heart", and the "focus" emphasizing your talents. After that it will be much easier to strike up acquaintance and the situation will for certain be remembered as interesting and pleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team