As it is original to make a declaration of love to the guy

As it is original to make a declaration of love to the guy

Despite the opinion occurring in society that the guy has to make a declaration of love to the first, girls often take the initiative. Such act helps resolute women not to spend time for unpromising expectation, and to build the happiness. The ability to make a declaration of love is original can be useful practically to any girl.


1. Unexpected declaration of love can be pleasant to the modern, dynamic guy loving dvayv and extreme entertainments. Approach it when the guy of it does not expect, kiss and make a declaration of love. The effect of suddenness will play your advantage, and you will be always associated at this person with something unpredictable that is pleasant to it.

2. Romantic recognition will be suitable for the modest and quiet guy. Write the lyric which can be read to it during walk or to send in the form of the letter. It is possible to write, of course, the message or the e-mail, but it will be less romantic, than the love letter on the scented paper with a print of your lips which it will be able long to store.

3. For enough courageous girls such option of recognition will approach: during the party sing the song in which it is unambiguously told about your feelings to the young man. And then announce to whom it was devoted. The song can be written most or to learn already known.

4. Do not you possess a beautiful voice? Order the suitable song on radio. The main thing – call the guy and ask to turn on radio and to adjust the necessary wave. Or ask to put the song recognition by the DJ in night club, and invite darling to dance.

5. Listen to the heart and tell about love when it tells: "Time!" Such recognition will sound very naturally and will not become shock neither for you, nor for darling. And the kiss will become the answer, to you most likely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team