How to understand the relations

How to understand the relations

The relations are one of the most important components of human life, but only units think that it needs to learn. It is considered that in this area the training happens in itself, as a result of communication with people around and on their examples. But here the result of this self-education leaves much to be desired. Very often after the first unsuccessful attempt to construct the relations with an opposite sex the people do not adjust the behavior, do not consider the mistakes, and just try to find that person who will correspond entirely to their ideal.


1. Women do not understand and do not know men, they want that there was a knight who will understand them and to accept such as they are. Women are not interested in desires of men, and do not think of in what they could interest the man so that he devoted them all the life.

2. Men think likewise. They do not think of the reasons of any given behavior of the woman, consider that they the good behavior will be able to humour the woman and to receive in exchange warmth and care. And until any, other party does not understand that it is necessary to work on the relations, happiness in couple will not be.

3. The man has to perceive the second half not as reflection of mother, and as reflection of, a being of an opposite sex. For this purpose it is necessary to cease to charge it with the problems, fears and experiences. Then the woman will be able to become for the man the reliable friend and the assistant, the mastermind in all his undertakings.

4. The woman needs to pacify the pride and not to perceive the man as the genie from a bottle who obediently grants all her desires, protects from all troubles and misfortunes. The woman has to learn to see the independent personality, the person with whom it is interesting to it to pass the course of life in the man.

5. It is necessary to give the man a free hand and the right most to be defined in any given choice. In response to it the man with gratitude itself will offer the help and will execute all female desires. It is necessary to consider that the woman is not weaker in anything than the man and should not insist on any privileges. Remember that self-sufficiency of the woman – the best incentive for the man to show the love and care of it.

6. The wise woman will be able to help the beloved to mature and as a result will receive those relations of which she dreamed. But that to achieve it, it is necessary to learn to be the woman, but not careful mummy for the man and not the chief for the careless subordinate. Without having learned to be the woman, it is possible to sit and wait for the prince for the rest of the natural.

7. Remember that near you there is that person whom you deserve. And if for some reason it seems to you that you deserve bigger and the best, then it is worth stopping and reconsidering the opportunities. Only to you to choose with what you want to see the relations: a ladder which conducts both the man, and the woman up, or a hole in which both will roll in misunderstanding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team