As men leave

As men leave

When between two people the love flashes - they dream that it forever. But it is very frequent for great feeling one of partners, most often the man, accepts usual love. Then the passion quickly passes, and instead of it the emptiness appears.


1. The reasons for cooling of the relations can be various. But the first signs that not everything is all right, are most often identical. The man calls less often, does not invite to appointments, one meets friends. He does not answer calls, writes terse SMS or messages in social networks. If this situation reminds yours - talk to the partner frankly. Let he will explain the behavior. Perhaps, he is just very engaged at work, and there is no reason for concern.

2. If during straight talk the man behaves strange, tries to justify itself or, on the contrary, is aggressive, ask with what he sees your further relations. If there is no definite answer here - prepare, most likely, the partner will abandon you soon.

3. Not always parting happens without serious consequences, especially if two are married. Times of knights passed long ago, and now will seldom meet the man who is ready to leave all property of the former darling. On the contrary, many men cling to each trifle bought by them. Ask to return gifts, to divide the apartment, the dacha, etc. At the same time without paying attention that with mother there are general children who should live somewhere.

4. Not to bring to a situation of the judicial section of property, talk to the man frankly. Tell that now, on emotions, you should not undertake anything. Explain that you do not interfere with its leaving that this its decision, and you accept it. Try to construct dialogue, it is kind of difficult for you was. Always you remember that changes in life are a chance to improve it. Perhaps, after the divorce you will meet the man of the dream and will live with it up to old age in happy marriage.

5. If the man after leaving insists on meetings with children - do not disturb it. It will do all good. Only discuss that the "Sunday" father is not that it is necessary for children. If him wants to take part in their life - let go to PTA meetings at school and kindergarten, drives when it is necessary in policlinic, on circles, etc. But does not come for half an hour on Sunday to give chocolate. Only participating in everyday life of children, staying in the know of their problems, it is possible to be for them the real father.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team