How to communicate with the guy so that to attract interest of him

How to communicate with the guy so that to attract interest of him

Perspective acquaintances happen far not so often, kind of there was a wish. Therefore it is necessary to use each chance to find the love. It is possible to cause and hold the interest of the guy, showing the best qualities and sincere attention. Also those girls who are able to keep up the easy and fascinating conversation stand to win.


1. Show originality. Daily problems always cause boredom therefore it is necessary to find such subject which will interest your interlocutor. Nothing will surprise the guy more, than interest of the girl in nonfeminine sports: snowboard, soccer, hockey, etc.

2. Talk to the guy on one "wave". Emotions are important for girls and feelings – leave them for communication with girlfriends. Guys got used to lean on the facts more. Tell what is interesting to it - where you visited that saw that new was learned, esteemed or looked.

3. Be natural and easy. Do you consider that you will interest the guy stronger, pretending to be the fatal queen or the charming coquette? But it not so. The put-on mask will prevent you to show the true advantages, you will behave unnaturally and grotesquely.

4. Learn the interests of the interlocutor. Attentively listen to its reports on work or the last fishing, be interested in details. If the guy very well understands any area – ask him for suggestions, the help. Let he will feel that you respect his authority.

5. Show sincere interest in affairs of the guy. Representatives of a strong half of mankind most of all like to speak about the achievements and progress, the ideas and aspirations. It is necessary for them that they were appreciated, thanked, praised and understood.

6. Avoid persistence and excessive curiosity. If the guy leaves from the answer – do not insist and change the subject. Do not try to control it – it has nothing in common with desire to know the guy better and will push away him.

7. The guy will see in you the interesting personality if knows about your achievements, victories and finds. Show him in what you are a professional. But, showing friendliness and openness, for full success you need to be able to keep also mysteriousness. Always only slightly open a veil over a part of your life, allowing it to solve the rest.

8. Do not forget to show the sense of humour. Jokes, humour, interesting and unusual stories will help you to relieve the tension and to stir up the dying-away interest in communication.

9. Telling something, try to feel the interlocutor. When it is boring for the guy, you will understand it on an absent look, indistinct or monotonous answers. If you want to remain interesting, change the subject and you" do not "load" it any more. Except tiresome subjects, it is necessary to avoid also complaints.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team