As the husband's attitude towards the pregnant wife changes

As the husband's attitude towards the pregnant wife changes

Expectation of the child — the special period in life of each family. These are capable or to improve 9 months considerably interaction of spouses or to worsen them, and all this depends both on the man, and on the woman. The behavior both will affect the future.


1. Appearance of the child is a responsible step for the man. He during this period realizes that the number of people in family increases that it is necessary to completely change life. And here usually two reactions: joy, if child desired, or bewilderment, if this moment unplanned. The attitude towards the woman at the first stages of incubation of the kid will depend on his first feelings. It is not necessary to wait from it for delight, the man needs time for understanding of this event therefore give it time.

2. Most of men after news about future paternity begin to concern the spouse more carefully. Now it not just the woman, and the valuable vessel bearing the son or the daughter. This rush needs to be noticed and to use it, then the husband will be ready to help more about the house, will pay attention to household chores which can be a burden on the ladylove. It is not necessary to refuse its help, quite so he tries to undertake heavy responsibility, to get used to it. But also you should not shift to him all obligations for the house too that he did not feel that it is used.

3. Some men begin to take persuasive care. For example, to control that the spouse warmly put on, did not smoke or did not eat any products. It can even be unpleasant as the similar behavior is shown in each step that deprives the lady of independence. In such situation it is necessary to explain to him that pregnancy is not a disease, and the woman most has enough knowledge of how not to do much harm to itself and to keep the kid healthy.

4. At pregnancy the man's relation to sex changes. He is afraid to do harm to the kid, and sexual contacts become softer and gentle. At this time the man aspires to experiments less not to interfere with the correct course of pregnancy. There are cases that he feels even fear of proximity as he does not know how it will influence the child. Some fathers consciously reduce the number of love games. But here it is only necessary to be guided by the recommendations of the doctor if he does not forbid to continue sex life, means everything is all right, it is possible to enjoy with each other. The refusal of sex does not need to be perceived as loss of desire by the man, cooling of love, is care of life of two closest people rather — the woman and the kid.

5. During pregnancy of the wife some men become more quick-tempered in relation to the spouse. This not frequent phenomenon, but is caused it usually by behavior of the woman. If the lady constantly demands something if she does it very persistently, it can cause irritation. Of course, desires of the pregnant woman constantly change, but it is necessary to ask softly the man about performance, but not to arrange a hysterics. The nervousness arises only when the woman provokes it.

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