As the person falls in love

As the person falls in love

The American scientists made discovery that to the person the tenth fraction of a second suffices to fall in love. How exactly the person falls in love also what occurs at this moment in it at the physiological level?


1. When the person looks regarding the love, in his brain twelve areas become more active at once. Special connections of neurotransmitters and hormones are thrown out blood. Among them there are oxytocin, adrenaline, a dopamine and others. Scientists compare internal feelings of the person in love to euphoria which he can feel at reception of some types of drugs. Depending on what love is felt by the person in relation to another, passionate or Platonic, various areas of a brain become more active.

2. Activization of a brain of the person in love involves the strengthened blood circulation in heart, stimulates its activity. Therefore it is impossible to tell that the person falls in love only a brain or heart. Both that and other body are involved in love processes. In the lover's blood there are obvious changes too. In it increase in the proteinaceous connections which are responsible for maintenance of life of neurons, so nervous cages of an organism, necessary for formation, is observed.

3. By researchers it is counted that really strongly the person falls in love only 2-3 times with lives. And at least once from all the vlyublennost of people experiences unfortunate love, for example, undivided or tragic. Also the fact that fall in love on average identical number of times with lives, both men, and women is characteristic.

4. Age at which people especially strongly fall in love for the first time – 18-19 years. But the late bright love after 40-45 years is quite possible. And to forget the love if it is unhappy, more adult lovers manage not so soon as to young people.

5. From the point of view of poets and psychologists the person in love changes in one stage before a subject of the passion own opinion, habits, early judgments. He is interested only the person with whom he is in love. The arisen feeling is capable to block completely reason of the person in love, to take away it in subconsciousness, to close in itself.

6. Knowing the reasons of love of one person in another it is possible to cause this feeling in a subject of the love. The first that is estimated by people in an opposite sex and that can be pleasant is an appearance, ability to behave, an ukhozhennost, sex appeal. If the appearance imposes, then love for this person is at first sight quite possible.

7. If the person finds similar traits of character, habits, interests in other person externally pleasant to it – it also brings together the man and the woman. Compliments, flatter words, a favorable, delighted look promote the arisen feeling to amplify.

8. The success of the first meetings, pleasant appointments, sexual inclination turn love for great feeling which will perhaps end with a wedding and will last for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team