As will get rid of the competitor

As will get rid of the competitor

Two loving people connect themselves by bonds of marriage, hoping for fidelity of each other. But not each couple will manage to avoid unfaithfulness. When in life of the man the mistress appears, the wife should not make at once scandals if she wants to hold the husband in family. It is necessary to bridle the jealousy and to assess a situation.


1. Confidence of the husband that the spouse suspects nothing about his relations with other woman will be the most advantageous position for the wife. In such situation the wife can influence the course of events. For example, she will accidentally start a conversation about some acquaintance who began to meet the married man. At the same time condemnation which the spouse states as the disinterested person, the husband will accept into the account of the new passion. It can be the cause to look at the mistress on the other hand. The husband at the same time will begin to suffer pangs of conscience that behind the back of the wife meets the similar woman.

2. If the man somewhere is late, it is impossible to dare to call him each 5 minutes and to try to control. Otherwise he can guess that the spouse knows about treason. It is better to exhaust not own husband, but his mistress. For this purpose the wife needs "to mark" the man. The frank note forgotten in a jacket pocket, a trace from lipstick on his cheek, aroma of women's perfume on his shirt – all this definitely will not be pleasant to the competitor. And if the mistress is not really clever, surely will begin to make to the man scandals. And he will understand that with own wife to it is much more comfortable.

3. The spouse needs to spend much time together with darling. It is possible to suggest him to be engaged in a joint fascinating hobby, to create a new interior in the apartment, it is even simple to go together to movie theater or on walk. Such moments unite spouses and cast memories of the past. But it is impossible violently to force the husband to be engaged at all in that business which is offered to it by the spouse. It is better to talk and find out how he would like to spend free time together. Perhaps, the wife learns some cherished dream of the spouse which can help him to carry out. It will undoubtedly show to it to more best advantage, than the mistress.

4. The man begins to appear more and more seldom houses when to it in it it is uncomfortable. Therefore it is necessary to provide the spouse comfortable finding of the house. Let here it will be always clean, light and warmly and also smells of tasty dishes which were prepared by the woman to feed the beloved husband.

5. Jeunet it is worth thinking, time the man meets other woman, means it not everything arranges in the sexual relations. Perhaps, it is necessary to talk to darling about how it is possible to diversify life. At this spouse it is worth changing the image. To the man it will be new that the house him is waited by sexually liberated woman in an unusual image. And he will already want to solve the next secret – the wife.

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