As without scandal to tell the wife about treason

As without scandal to tell the wife about treason

Some men sometimes make a mistake and change the beloveds. If you decided on treachery, try to find forces and to admit it.

Why it is necessary to admit to the wife treason?

If you changed the wife, hardly you will quietly live after that. You will be constantly tormented by a remorse, you will not be able just to look to the person in the face. Besides, there is a probability that someone from your "well-wishers" surely learns about your act and will not miss an opportunity to add fuel to the fire, having shared the latest news with your spouse. Only present what will be its reaction to heard. It will be in anger not only from the fact that you started an affair on the party, but also will get savage from the fact that you hid from it the offensive offense. Therefore if you made a mistake, it is better to admit it to the wife, and, it is necessary to make it as soon as possible.

How to admit to the spouse treason?

Before you admit to the beloved treason, you need to be prepared for this difficult conversation carefully. Choose the place for a conversation in which nobody will prevent you. It is the best of all to talk on similar subjects in a house situation, and you have to choose a right moment for the frank recognition, but not arrange a spontaneous revelation.

Try to prepare the speech. You are faced by a task not only to admit to the spouse incorrectness, but also to reason the act, to find to itself though the slightest justification which will be able to soften the developed circumstances. Be ready also that your soulmate will lash out at you with fists, will make scandal and will go into a hysterics. Remember that its reaction can be absolutely unpredictable. Begin a conversation with words about the love for the wife. Explain to her as far as it is important for you as it means much that your joint life brings you only positive emotions. Tell that made a mistake and are ready to incur for it any punishment, but surely admit that you do not want to lose the spouse. Agree that on its place you, perhaps, could not forgive treachery and even you assume that this person will not want to have with you something the general after treason. Frankly regret deeds, assure the darling that any more never hurt her and you will try to obtain again diligently its good location and trust. Besides, you can promise to spend all the free time only with her one. After the recognition implicitly satisfy all requests of the wife, surround her with attention and care, then, perhaps, you will manage to keep family and to restore the former relations.

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