Authoritative education and its influence on the identity of the child

Authoritative education and its influence on the identity of the child

The modern pedagogical science revealed that the parental style of education plays the main role in personal development of the child and has a great influence on all his subsequent life.

It is possible to mark out five styles of education: 1. Authoritative – the most strict discipline is inherent in this style, all solve parents, and the child has to do as it is told. There is no place to warm-heartedness. There is a communication "parent child" to the detriment of communication "child parent". From the child wait for much.

2. Popustitelsky – in this style is a lot of warm communication of parents with children, small discipline. There is a communication "child parent" to the detriment of communication "parent child". From the child do not wait for too much.

3. Sponsoring – the child's environment continuous care. The solution of all problems appearing at it. Continuous shadowing how he behaves. Alarm, that with it anything not proizoshlo4. Authoritative – in this style there is an average discipline along with cordial relations. It is a lot of communication and natural hopes for the future of the child. Hardness and sequence and of course justice. Atmosphere of love and emotional support. The independence and personal responsibility is welcomed in the ratio with age. Let's consider authoritative style of education on the example of the German family Mullerov living at the beginning of the XX century. Their son Hans Müller was born in 1917. Since the childhood it was brought up in the most strict discipline. Parents practically did not show the love for the son, appear, that they are discharged of him. And it in spite of the fact that he was the only and long-awaited child. They pinned great expectations on it. In family the orders should not have been discussed, and non-execution of will of parents was strictly punished, corporal punishments within limits were used. It is natural that at Hans the reflex of constant submission was developed to avoid punishment he became lacking initiative. It led to the fact that the child began to show tendency to violence, it had many conflicts in school, manifestation of hostility. He was uncertain to himself, he lowered a self-assessment. In 1935 he at insistance of parents joins the National Socialist Party and Wehrmacht. By 25 years it is admitted to special unit of CC "Dead head" which brings protection of concentration camps. About all crimes of Hans Müller it is possible to read in the German archives which fell into hands of the Soviet army freeing Auschwitz. Here to what led that in the past many families in Germany raised children in authoritative style which demanded strict submission. They kind of created "favourable circumstances" for coming to power of Hitler.

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