Bollbasting – what is it?

Bollbasting – what is it?

The Bollbasting is a type of sexual games which is applied in BDSM. Nothing but means this term of torture of male genitals. The Bollbasting is what will be pleasant not to each man. And pleasure from such the practician bears more psychological character. This scenario in role-playing games on the madam-slave type is applied. In its ideal form both partners derive pleasure from this process.

With the woman in this case everything is clear – she has satisfaction from the fact that she dominates, sometimes humiliates, uses force to the most sensitive place of the partner. However in what pleasure from such actions at men, to people far from BDSM consists, it is difficult to understand therefore many consider a bollbasting a perversion. Nevertheless, there are males who are excited by such occupations. Are necessary for it for a sexual discharge humiliation and submission the partner. To substitute under blow by a graceful leg a part of the body is what as much as possible will show readiness to submit and be humiliated.

How it is correct to be engaged in a bollbasting?

Bollbasting is what can cause in a certain circle of men excitement in a blow anticipation in a groin. Tortures over male testicles happen in a different way. It can be both a weak beating a palm, and heavy blows from a leg or something heavy.

To doing harm to the man and to keep his health, the woman needs to be extremely careful and to control the actions. As consequences of a bollbasting can be very sad. The oversight of the partner can turn back long-term treatment or even infertility for the man. Therefore will be correct if the partner puts a certain framework of this action which by agreement can change in process.

It is necessary to begin with easy blows with a hand and to watch feelings. If everything normally and there is a wish for continuation, then it is possible to do slaps by stronger. Then the partner is allowed to pass to kicks, but not from full force, and besides, doing easy pats. If everything is pleasant to the man, and he is excited, then it is allowed to pass to heavier blows.

The people practicing such type of sexual games need to do everything gradually, to study feelings and emotions of the partner. If there is too strong pain, it is necessary to impose genitals with ice and to ask for the help the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team