Character on lipstick on a cut

Character on lipstick on a cut

Each person living on the planet has features of character, temperament and behavior. All these moments leave a mark on habits and even on a way of use of objects of personal character. It is possible to determine some features and regularities in behavior and living position of the person by a condition of individually used objects. One of such objects for women is lipstick. It, as well as possible, will approach as the hint. As it is possible to determine character by lipstick on a cut – read below.

Cut of lipstick and character of the woman

To recognize character of the woman by a form of lipstick and a cut, it is necessary to pay only attention to how the product core during the usage time changed.

  1. Evenly erased, without acute angles the surface – says that the hostess of lipstick very accurate and economic. At heart hardworking, purposeful also tries to obtain everything the work. In communication such woman is friendly, tactful, sociable. Has high business qualities, she is often balanced and very punctual, is able to reach compromise and to smooth the heated situation. Can become very good and reliable friend for representatives of both sexes.
  2. The lipstick core erased obliquely – can belong to the woman very lovely and cheerful. Well developed intuition and observation is inherent in it, she not bad understands people. In work such women are responsible, enterprising and often show an initiative. They are not whimsical and are able to adapt to any conditions and situations.
  3. The lipstick which is ground off on both sides is a sample which meets extremely seldom. And character at the hostess of such lipstick quite difficult. She is very extraordinary and differs in unpredictability, the mood changes within a minute. In communication the woman will prove to be quite erudite, charismatic and sociable. Representatives of this group very amorous, but for the serious relations and creation of family of the partner choose extremely after careful consideration.
  4. The uncertain form of a core of lipstick – indicates reserve and diffidence. Such women are very sentimental, can shed a tear in an occasion and without it.
  5. The flat surface of lipstick – result of use of the woman optimistic, but at the same time very fair. She is able to enjoy life. As the reliable friend will always directly point to you to an oversight or other negative points.
  6. The lipstick core is ground like a pencil – says about leadership skills of the woman and her commitment. It is quite independent and persistent, always achieves goals. This woman is capable to become the good wife and ideal mother.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team