Councils from the mother-in-law for the daughter-in-law

Councils from the mother-in-law for the daughter-in-law

Marrying, each bride has to be ready to getting advice from wiser woman, from mother of the beloved, from the mother-in-law. Sometimes such advice very much helps in life, and at times happens and is useless. Anyway, not to spoil the relation and also to keep among themselves good feelings, it is better to listen to councils or to pretend at least. In order that communication between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law was in joy, it is better to follow the following advice.

First of all, in communication with the mother-in-law it is necessary to be defined how you will call this person. Agree that the word "mother" sounds a little insincerely. And the address "you" became boring for a long time and sounds somehow is depersonalized.

The most optimal variant is directly to ask about it the dear mother-in-law. Believe, to finish thinking independently, to learn everything through the husband, to wriggle – not an exit. Offer the options, for example, mother Sveta. As a rule, such option suits all parties. It happens so that it is quite heavy to person to adapt to call the foreign woman with mother. If the mother-in-law insists, surely tell her about the difficulties. You should not keep all in yourself, it is better to clear a situation.

Very much, very much and very strongly try to get a separate living space from parents. Believe, as a matter of experience many daughters-in-law, it is much easier to become related and friends with the mother-in-law at distance. However, if you were the slave of destiny and you nevertheless had to live together with parents, it is necessary to adapt to the standard tenor of life, but not to break in the party. Of course, there are such situations when it is necessary to insist on the. But at the same time observe a side and never go into conflict. Best of all, ask to talk the husband to the mother. This wisest decision.

It is impossible to discuss in the presence of the husband of his family at all. To you it does not add advantage. And it is unpleasant to husband to hear it from the wife. It threatens your relations as husbands very strongly love the mothers. If there is a strong wish to discuss "for eyes", it is worth attracting the girlfriend or the stranger to this role.

Any rivalry! Anyway, someone will remain in loss, and someone is the winner. Anyway, one of you will be humiliated. Unless negative attitudes need to give an impetus?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team