How to cure long cough at the child

How to cure long cough at the child

The situation when the kid very often catches a cold is familiar to many mothers and coughs then two weeks in a row, and even more. It is not necessary to wait that over time it will change by itself. To help the child to get rid of long cough it is possible different means.


1. Frequent symptoms of cold at the child is temperature and dry cough. In several days of a disease he has to become damp. That the child could recover quickly, administration of the drugs softening cough and diluting a phlegm is required. The pediatrician has to recommend them. If the kid continues to podkashlivat two weeks in a row, ask the doctor to appoint to him massage, respiratory gymnastics and physiotherapy.

2. Also steam inhalations will help to cope with long cough. Use the steamed-out leaves of plants, for example, of an eucalyptus, a sage, a linden, mint and also needles of a fir and a pine. Good action at an upper respiratory tract infection the thyme and coltsfoot possesses.

3. Effectively at cough and application of compositions of aromatic oils: on 1 drop of oil of an eucalyptus and a tea tree or a thyme; mix from one drop of oil of an eucalyptus, a lavender and a tea tree (on 2 drops). During inhalation surely cover the child's eyes with a scarf.

4. To reduce attacks, try to rub for the night a breast of the kid with a small amount of eucalyptus or myrtle oil. From 3-4 years of the child it is possible to drive in a bath, adding to water in a steam room the same aromatic oils. Begin stay in a sweating room from 3-5 minutes. The result is noticeable already next day - cough becomes less.

5. If cough does not pass irrespective of treatment methods (from special drugs to folk remedies), examine the child on various infections. Cough can be caused by microorganisms which well are able to hide from the immune system of the kid: pneumocysts, mycoplasmas, fungi Candida or chlamydias. They get into the child's bronchial tubes in the airborne way, usually accompanying cold and flu. Treatment at each of four infections is required a miscellaneous. If in time not to address the expert, at the kid the long bronchitis can develop.

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