Dependence on the person

Dependence on the person

The strong dependence on something in psychology is defined as pathology, violation. And it fully belongs to dependence on the person which can have not less serious consequences, than alcoholism or a ludomaniye. Especially as to distinguish it sometimes happens very difficult.

Reasons of dependence on the person

It should be noted that there is a physical dependence on the person and psychological. The first arises if at the person possibilities of health are limited, he is a disabled person and cannot for this reason itself perform some operations. The second arises in the course of human relations. The emotional interrelation is always present between spouses, parents and children, close friends. But it can sometimes grow in painful attachment which destroys the personality. The main reasons for dependence on the person is a fear of loneliness, diffidence and unwillingness to leave a comfort zone.

Symptoms of psychological dependence on the person

The dependence on other person can be more or less expressed. But its main signs are:

  • desire to throw everything to legs of other person;
  • aspiration to offer everything for the sake of it;
  • desire is constant to be near other person, to control all his actions, to sponsor, etc.;
  • impossibility to break off the relations even if they hurt;
  • apathy or, on the contrary, irritability and aggression because of the absence of other person;
  • the depression in case of impossibility long to see it;
  • loss of control over own emotions;
  • destructive behavior - initiation of the conflicts, attempts of a suicide.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team