Experience of the relations in the Argentina tango: from acquaintance before parting in 5 minutes

Experience of the relations in the Argentina tango: from acquaintance before parting in 5 minutes

It is possible to call the Argentina tango safely one of dances most of which brightly divide roles of the man and the woman. It is very difficult to dance and improvise, violating at the same time the basic rules.

So, the man, diffident and incapable to listen to the partner, cannot correctly her messages and the more so to provide it comfort during dance. The woman who is not wishing to trust in the partner, seeking to show the independence can create only lonely dance, and it will not be the beautiful Argentina tango. For this reason in this case not only understanding of bases of the equipment and knowledge of movements and combinations, but also accurate observance of rules of the role is so important. Everything is simple: the man conducts, the woman follows him.

Exactly thanks to such division the Argentina tango can give bright, though short experience of the relations. It includes acquaintance, recognition of the partner, "grinding in", the short novel and painless parting after which the man and the woman remain are grateful each other for the happy moments spent together, but do not feel grief in connection with the end of dance.

You should not think that in the tango there are no those problems which quite often appear at people in the relations. On the contrary, if partners badly suit one another or cannot correctly understand and remember the rule of the game, in dance the dissonance will begin. However the Argentina tango allows not only to reveal similar problems, but also to solve them. Thanks to lessons you learn to avoid similar difficulties, it is better to understand the partner, to listen to him, quickly and to easily solve the problems arising in the relations. It is very useful experience which is useful to you not only in dance, but also in everyday life.

Often the people who decided to study the Argentina tango already have experience of the relations, besides it, as a rule, is negative. Painful partings, problems in family life, the bad relations with the partner, frequent quarrels, misunderstanding – all this injures the person. Gradually negative experience is accumulated and can even be projected on new love, spoiling it. The Argentina tango will help you to broaden the horizons, to learn to open to the partner, to trust more people, to be sincere, to show the true qualities, without putting on a mask at each communication. It is invaluable experience which by all means is useful during creation of the good, harmonious relations.

If you already found the love, the Argentina tango will help you to achieve mutual understanding and will teach you to express the feelings openly, without offending and without irritating at the same time the partner. If your heart is absolutely free, you can find to yourself couple thanks to lessons of the Argentina tango, strike up a set of pleasant acquaintances and also, having danced with different partners, to understand what people most of all you attract and what model of the relations is pleasant to you. It will help with the future to find darling and to find happiness, besides this feeling will be mutual.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team