How to achieve the offer

How to achieve the offer

Many women dream of a marriage. And their partners delay everything proposal. And women should take a situation in hand.


1. You should not show too obviously that you want a wedding. The persistence and persuasive desire to marry can frighten the man, especially if you meet less than half a year. Wait until he gets used to the relations, it will be involved in them, will be convinced of durability of feelings, and only after that begin "to probe" its relation to marriage accurately.

2. Than more freely and more surely you will behave - that rather a man will want "to band" you. Most of men - terrible owners. And if they see that the woman does not seek to belong only to it that she has a hobby, friends, favourite work, it is demanded and interesting - try to attach her to themselves in any ways. And the strongest conjugal ties seem to men.

3. Do not try to seem better, than you are actually. If you, for example, do not like to cook - you should not convince the man of the return. Yes, many try to choose in the wife of girls who are excellent culinary specialists. But whether you are ready to devote the life to kitchen? If is not present, then a marriage with the man who waits for a certain behavior from the woman, will be a burden on you only. Also you should not try to obtain this marriage, it is better to pay attention to men to which not one of your abilities, and you in general is interesting.

4. If you already got used to each other, live together, and proposals does not arrive - talk to darling frankly. Ask at him as he sees the further relations. Explain that marriage is very important for you. You do not feel absolutely protected without stamp in the passport. It is possible to tell that relatives wait for a wedding long ago, and the father is dissatisfied with behavior of the potential groom. After that give to the partner time for thought. In several days return to this conversation again and ask to designate concrete date when it is possible to declare close an engagement. When the beloved understands that it is impossible to pull more, and he can lose the relations, he will surely make you the proposal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team