How to be a suitor for the hand at the girl's parents

How to be a suitor for the hand at the girl's parents

In old times the girl could not marry without the consent of parents. Today in most of families there are no such strict restrictions. Nevertheless, it is considered good form and a sign of respect when the young man is a suitor for the hand the bride at her father and mother. To hold this ceremony it is correct, it is desirable to know several customs and traditions to which still our ancestors adhered.


1. Appoint day in which you will come with the girl to her parents. The courtship or the application of a hand of the bride should not be spontaneous. The family will have time to prepare a holiday table, and at you - to make all necessary purchases.

2. You do not come to ask in marriage empty-handed. Traditionally the groom brings to future mother-in-law a bouquet of flowers, and to future father-in-law - expensive strong alcohol, cognac or whisky will approach. Too it is better to buy a ring for an engagement in advance and to take.

3. When all take seat at a table, get up and ask words. Address parents of the girl on their names middle names. Tell that you love their daughter and you are her suitor for the hand. If affirmative answer, get a ring and put on to the bride a finger.

4. If the bride's parents still not really well know you, be ready to answer a set of questions. For example, where you will live after the wedding who your parents as you are going to provide the wife whether you think of children.

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