How to open insurance company?

How to open insurance company?

To begin similar business, it is necessary to understand how to open insurance company what documents for this purpose will be required and whether it is possible to use franchize conditions.

How to open representative office of insurance company?

So, to begin to earn money on sale of an insurance, it is necessary to make the following, first of all:

  1. Choose the company under whose name you would like to begin work.
  2. Address to their head office and learn conditions of acquisition of a franchize.
  3. Register the legal entity in public authorities.
  4. Acquire a franchize.

Today it is rather simple to open insurance company on a franchize. It is only necessary to pay the designated sum of the company under whose brand you want to work and in exchange to have the package of documents and an opportunity to use a name of this company.

What is necessary to open own insurance company?

If the franchize does not interest you, then the operations procedure will be the following:

  1. Registration of legal entity in public authorities.
  2. Obtaining license for implementation of a type of activity. For its acquisition it will be required to file documents to public authority on issue of licenses, the list of the package of documents is on the official state site.
  3. To rent the room in which the office of the company will be located.

It should be noted that to begin business on a franchize much more simply and quicker, than to create completely own the company. Obtaining the license takes a lot of time (about half a year) and within all these months, the person will not be able to begin sale of an insurance, but will be already forced to incur expenses on payment of office and employees. Therefore experts recommend nevertheless at an opportunity to acquire a franchize, but not to create own brand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team