How to be a wife of the frontier guard

How to be a wife of the frontier guard

To be a wife of the frontier guard – the hard and responsible choice. Not everyone will be able to sustain constant delays at work, frequent lack of days off and to spend lonely evenings and nights waiting for the tired husband …


1. You need to realize all weight of responsibility which lies on shoulders of your darling. Your man – the representative of the most noble profession, he vigilantly protects borders of the state, the world and rest in houses of ordinary citizens. You have to understand it is he chose this profession, respect its choice. In the night watch of his fault which fell down unexpectedly, suddenly, is not present – then why you make it scandals concerning the broken visit of cinema? He perfectly understands that you are upset, but nothing can do with the order of the administration.

2. It is necessary to get used to "life on suitcases". Your husband can be transferred at any time to other outpost, you should pack things quickly. As well as provide to military, frontier guards the apartment for the period of accommodation if is not present own. Quite often report about the translation at the last minute therefore it is necessary to live with light baggage. A set of ware on 26 persons, five carpets and a collection of rare books to transport every time from place to place it is real, but is quite problematic.

3. If you decided to give birth to the child, you should become a housewife. On the rare frontier post there will be own kindergarten therefore, most likely, you should sit with the child independently. As the option – can be sent the child to live to your parents or the husband. But whether you will be able to leave own offspring who will grow far from you? And not any man will allow the wife to offer education of the child for the sake of career. For this reason, only 20-30% of wives of frontier guards work.

4. Load of the husband at work not a reason for unfaithfulness. Sometimes because of the increased employment of the husband can seem to you that he pays you not enough attention, does not shower with compliments and flowers, does not drive on restaurants … Do not take in head to compensate it by treason – the husband frontier guard, as well as any other man, will hardly forgive you similar weakness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team