How to be disaccustomed to be jealous

How to be disaccustomed to be jealous

Jealousy. Painful, exhausting, not allowing to enjoy pleasures of life fully... If you are jealous, first of all you need to understand that these emotions are destructive, they do not bear anything good to either you, or your half. When you understand it, try to find out honestly for yourself what became the reason of emergence of jealousy, and, having taken it into account, begin to be disaccustomed to be jealous.


1. Fall in love with yourself. Perhaps, attacks of your jealousy are caused by the fact that you are dissatisfied with the appearance, are not self-assured. Therefore any person who, in your opinion, is better than you can become the reason of the next flash. Do not indulge in thoughts that you are not desired, ugly or are not clever. Stop being the little girl (boy) whom, (which) it is pleasant to roll in own pity to itself. Act. Lose weight, update clothes, increase education level, all this in a complex will lift your self-assessment.

2. Get up to the place of the half. Present that you are daily tormented with questions of where and with whom you were, accuse directly and indirectly of incorrectness at the slightest view of the person of an opposite sex. If such relation has the real reasons – it still can be born. And if charges are groundless? Whether it is pushed they your half in embraces of more tender and quiet person?

3. Stay the Buddhist. In most cases jealousy – fear to lose what belongs to you. Buddhists believe that all pleasures of life it is passing, and to become really happy, it is necessary to cease to wish bigger and not to look for joy in possession. Push the feeling of a sobstvennichestvo into the background and enjoy every moment presented to you by your soulmate.

4. Approach a question rationally. Think that jealousy – pernicious feeling. It destroys the person from within, prevents to live, takes away time, ruins health. Imagine how many minutes (or hours) in day at you leave on disturbing thoughts as is possible to manage to make a lot of useful – to learn Spanish, to read Salinger, to master all functions of new phone. And the main thing is to exempt the poor heart from self-torture, you steal happiness only from yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team