How to become the good wife?

How to become the good wife?

If you made the list of qualities ideal, from your point of view, the man how many points would be in the list? The head of most of women works in such a way that they think over all trifles at once and look at several steps forward. Therefore many women specify up to 100 points in the list of desirable qualities of the man. At most of men the list of requirements to what the good wife, small has to be able to do: to look after itself, to be clever, understanding, with good character, to cook well. Here, perhaps, basic.

What has to be the ideal wife?

Similar polls on desirable qualities of the partner in different decades of the 20th and 21st centuries were held by psychologists. And results in all cases, as a rule, not strongly differed. For the man ideal marriage — when the woman simply does not row too often. That is the ideal wife the man's eyes — is much more ordinary, than the ideal man the woman's eyes.

Really, the woman demands from the man of much, however and imposes considerable requirements to herself. If you asked a question how to become the good wife, means look for a possibility of creation of strong family and good relationship with the partner. Try to make own list of that what has to be the ideal wife. How many in it will be points?

At various times the list of qualities of the good wife underwent changes. Invariable was always an opportunity to give rise to healthy posterity and to bring up it, ability to conduct economy, it is good to prepare. Today someone will include these points in the list of what the good wife has to be able to do, and someone will sweep aside them as unimportant. Time does not stand still, and many duties of women in family undergo changes.

The uniform recipe how to become the good wife, perhaps, does not exist. How many strong families, are so much also scenarios of behavior of the woman in relation to the husband. However it is possible to mark out qualities which men, statistically, would like to see in the wife. We suggest to compare to you own list of qualities of the good wife with the list made taking into account opinion of men.

Precepts of the ideal wife

So, 10 precepts of the ideal wife. Good wife always:

  • Keeps houses order and cooks well, reasonably spends money.
  • Arranges the behavior under habits and a way of life of the husband.
  • Receives his relatives and does return visits.
  • Does not compare the husband to other men, but praises and supports, helping it to become the successful person.
  • Allows and encourages periodic meetings with friends with which the husband will be able to distract from monotony of family everyday life, to stay a little in other atmosphere. Even if friends to you are not really nice - you should not condemn them at the husband, it is possible to express the opinion just delicately.
  • Does not require constant attention.
  • Is loyal.
  • Has common interests with the husband or encourages him with a hobby.
  • It is considered with opinion of the husband, looks for compromises.
  • Just loves and understands the husband.

That is the ideal wife the man's eyes - all this the same keeper of the center and family values, as is a lot of centuries back. The majority and today men adhere to conservative views, when it comes to strong family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team