How to convince the person?

How to convince the person?

Often in an important talk with other people we try to inform of some thought their consciousness, we try to convince them of something, and sometimes it is necessary for further joint actions. Happens so that the person takes great pain to convince another of the correctness, but it is impossible to him.

How to convince the interlocutor of the correctness?

Belief art – remarkable ability which is useful in life to any person in a set of cases. Some esoteric techniques and also the western applied psychology extensively describe and tell how to convince the person of the correctness. In these practicians and the ideas there is a lot of interesting, reasonable and effective.

If you want to learn to convince effectively others, it will be reasonably useful to study such literature.

The best way of belief is an explanation. To convince an explanation, it is necessary to be able to think, see interrelations, after all, to be able beautifully and correctly (or perhaps and emotionally) to speak. All these abilities will help you to be convincing. For this reason it is good to person to have ideas of logic, to be able to observe, compare, analyze and draw conclusions. Also it will be useful to work over own standard of speech and to get acquainted with grants on acting skills. Nobody agitates you to become the actor in life (sometimes it is unhealthy and unpleasant for people around at all), but to take for himself some receptions and subsequently it is useful for wave to use them as required. The speech would be good to be supported with the correct gesticulation (there are books on this matter).

For effective belief it is good to develop own style and a manner of behavior. Your action has to be the integral strong-willed act, some kind of, a performance. Not only actors, dancers, announcers, radio - and TV hosts, but also scientists, teachers, teachers, journalists, heads of any collectives, priests, shamans, psychologists and politicians well understand it.

Rational explanation – very strong tool of belief. And how to convince the person to believe in your correctness? Art to convince to a condition of belief is aerobatics of art of belief. Level of charisma of the people able to extend belief is size mystical, difficult giving in to ordinary and rational understanding.

It is definitely possible to claim: such abilities are given or by nature, or develop at the person in connection with unique deep and strong experiences. If you have no such abilities – do not seek for their development better. It is possible and not to sustain, well or, at least, to turn the normal human life into long or maybe even an infinite nightmare. It just will be price.

And the last: to convince others of something, it is necessary that your opinion was as it is possible closer to the truth. So, you seek to approach it, of course, if you are not afraid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team