How to begin to meet the ex-boyfriend

How to begin to meet the ex-boyfriend

Having met someone from ex-boyfriends, you see how the person changed, matured and grew up. Here if he then was such! So there is a wish again to try to be together, especially if the young man not against. How to begin to meet the ex-boyfriend?


1. Address the past. In common endured situations, the romantic walks presented each other minutes of proximity – to you is what to remember. It is easy to begin a conversation with the person from the past, having addressed events which connected you. Remember how got acquainted. Your first kiss. Joint trip. Pleasant memories weaken, and you will cease to be nervous.

2. You pass into the present. Couple cannot exist, living past. Organize small walk when it is possible to chat easy and "to probe the soil" on revival of the novel. The meeting does not oblige to anything. If something goes not so, and you will feel that you were mistaken, then you will be able always to change the mind, having referred on "just friendship". During walk try to find as much as possible information on the guy: as now lives, than is fond whether it has a girlfriend, what plans for the future. These are usual questions which are asked by the people who long ago were not seeing each other. Analyze answers and feel whether you can find the general between you now, without mentioning last events. If the guy is still close to you, there is a chance to revive the relations. If you feel that "somehow not so", so all this time were in illusions. Think, than so do not accept you private life now that you run from it in the relations from the past, the passable stage?

3. Address unrealized dreams. Sometimes the relations come to an end in such a way that the feeling of innuendo remains. Therefore, sometimes, so there is a wish to return to them and to make what had to occur. Share the dreams with the guy, tell that you had a hope and, perhaps, desire to realize imaginations still are present at your consciousness. If the young man not against to revive the relations, it can become a reason for development of the novel. If the guy is not adjusted to begin to meet you, ask it to pay attention to unrealized dreams. Only one conversation and joint discussion of this subject will facilitate a state and will save you from illusions.

4. If you feel that everything goes harmoniously, and the relations can revive, hint the guy that it is advisable to meet once again. You can meet where once for the first time kissed, and memoirs will help you to connect again. Or, on the contrary, you can go to the new romantic place meaning that in the book of joint life the new head is begun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team