How to behave to the husband with the wife

How to behave to the husband with the wife

Now in the country the sexual equality dominates, and the former family model where the man was considered as the unconditional head, remained in the past. Nevertheless, the role of the husband is still very powerful. In many respects depends on him whether there will be a family strong, happy or in it there will be quarrels, scandals threatening with disintegration.


1. First of all you have to understand that, marrying, you voluntarily assumed serious obligations, responsibility, as before the woman who married you and before your future children. The real man has to be a family support, her defender, and no equality will cancel this truth. Therefore it is necessary to behave so that to the wife near you it was quiet, comfortable, and she could say with pride: "For such husband absolutely safe!".

2. You treat the wife with love, care, understanding. Women are more emotional and vulnerable, especially during the periods caused by their physiology therefore sometimes you should show patience. But, certainly, it cannot indulge, turn in everything into "henpecked" at all. It does not do credit to the man and for children will be a bad example. The respect has to be mutual!

3. Certainly, the woman, besides advantages, has shortcomings (as, however, and at the man). But the loving husband will try to see in the wife only advantages, and will be indulgent to her shortcomings. As a last resort, frankly talk to her, having explained what in its habits, tastes is not pleasant to you, but in a tactful, polite form. Remarks should not be tactless at all and furthermore, offensive.

4. You have to remember the wise truth: "You judge not by words, and by affairs". Of course, it is very important to praise the wife, to pay her compliments, kind words. But along with it, it is necessary to help her about the house. Any man can quite undertake some part of house efforts, for example, to vacuum the apartment, to take out garbage, to go to shops behind products. The woman will appreciate such help.

5. Your special love and care will be required during pregnancy of the wife. In an organism of the woman who is going to become mother there is the real hormonal storm therefore pregnant women become it is raised irritable, often cry, are depressed, had complex because of the worsened appearance, can make scandal literally out of the blue. Even if such life seems to you the real nightmare, constrain yourself and understand: it occurs not at will of the woman, she is not guilty.

6. When your kid is born, everything will return to normal. It is necessary to surround the wife with attention and care, to inspire in her that everything will be as it should be, and for you she is still the most favourite and beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team