How to cease to be jealous the ex-husband

How to cease to be jealous the ex-husband

Unfortunately, quite often even after the feeling divorce between the former spouses die away not at once. It happens so that wives are jealous the ex-husbands, understanding that now the beloved is absolutely free and will be able to begin the new relations without effort. As jealousy of the former spouse it is necessary to get rid of such unpleasant and senseless feeling as soon as possible.


1. Release your ex-husband. Understand, your relations already ended, and now each of you in itself. Learn to live without the former beloved. Perhaps, it will be very difficult and painful, but over time you will cope with a situation and will understand that the former spouse is not necessary to you any more that now he is free, as well as you, and have the right to connect the life with anyone.

2. Realize the fact that you only destroy by the jealousy yourself. This unpleasant feeling is senseless as it will not help you to return the ex-husband and will only complicate your life after the divorce. The jealousy prevents you to begin new, more successful relations with other man, to concentrate on search of the happiness. Do not destroy yourself and do not lose an opportunity to find new love.

3. Do not concentrate on negative emotions. On the contrary, try to force themselves to think only of good. Every time when you remember the ex-husband and you represent it with other woman, try to tear off sharply the thoughts, to replace them with the pleasant memories which do not have any relation to your marriage.

4. Change the image of the ex-husband which developed in your imagination. People are often inclined to idealize the past, to remember good events and to think as if the former partner was a wonderful person. Looking in the past through pink glasses, you only deceive yourself. Remember your quarrels, all shortcomings of your ex-husband, his offenses, situations when he behaved unworthy. And then be glad that this awful person is not in your life any more, and sincerely regret the woman who will decide to construct with him the serious relations.

5. Distract, engaged in something pleasant. Go to a travel, change image, make an original hairstyle, learn to play billiards, jump with a parachute, indulge yourself with a visit of beauty shop, change an interior of the house. The main thing – do what gives you pleasure, and do not dare to plunge into painful memories and reflections. So you will be able quicker to forget the ex-husband and to get rid of jealousy of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team