How to cease to trust men

How to cease to trust men

Now women quite often are the deceived men and are even exposed to ill treatment. Unfortunately, the excessive trustfulness can lead to new cases of deception and unsuccessful communications. In this case it is necessary to try to change the attitude towards men.


1. Try not to give in to the first impression of the man when you for the first time see it. Some of them have attractive appearance and strong charm that can "make conceited" to the woman. You do not hurry to give in to flirtation of the man and you do not pass to a phase of kisses and intim, you will not understand its character, aspirations and the attitude towards you yet.

2. Check the words of the man. Some men brag of the financial position, various achievements, trying to surprise the woman and to win quickly. Try to ask counter questions. For example, if the man claims that he holds a high position, ask, where exactly and how long he works. If he is confused, will begin to be confused in words, then, most likely, deceives you.

3. Keep calm and composure in communication with the man. If you still not really well know the interlocutor, you should not behave too friendly and to agree with all his words. Show that you have own opinion on any question, and you do not take seriously all that it tells.

4. Be able to refuse if it is necessary. Some women are afraid to offend the satellite and by that to worsen the relations with it. If you do not manage to tell "no" in time, then quickly once again will fall a victim of deception. In this case the man will consider that before him there are no obstacles, and he can receive from you anything. Especially be afraid of offers to sweep in the car with the unfamiliar man, to go to him home. Also do not invite the man to yourself if badly you know him.

5. Do not adjust yourself on the fact that the next relations surely will become at you the last, and before you – that man with whom you will carry out for the rest of the life. Excessively sensitive and romantic girls to the last want to hold the man and for the sake of it trust him in everything. Do not hurry and try to recognize at first the person as it is possible closer. Sometimes on it weeks, and even months are required. If he treats you kindly and sincerely makes an avowal of sentiments, it can say that its intentions are clean.

6. Trust not words, but acts. If the man really loves you, he has to prove it, for example, having executed your cherished dream, having made one or several kind acts. At the same time he has to submit to your small whims, to a thicket to make gifts, to hold with you romantic meetings and, of course, not to cease to accept you such what you are.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team