How to cease to want the guy

How to cease to want the guy

The passion of the girl for the guy, unfortunately, not always is mutual. If you understand that the young man will not reciprocate to you, you have to try to make everything to cease to want him.


1. If you feel passion for the guy who does not want you, you need to make everything to eradicate this feeling. Try to look at the representative of the opposite sex causing your desire, other eyes. For certain in it there is a set of shortcomings. At first pay attention to a manner of his behavior. Perhaps, he uses silly gestures at communication with people, is expressed by strong language or has some addictions. Try to find in it what will begin to irritate you. In the second turn it is necessary to look narrowly at its appearance. Perhaps, the guy has ugly legs, small growth, excess weight or unattractive features. The emphasis placed on its external negative lines too will be able to beat off your desire a little.

2. The second way is that you can stop communication with the young man who attracts, but does not want you. Exclude visits of places in which you can face it, replace a circle of contacts, do not answer its calls and messages. As soon as you cease to see it, most likely, you will begin to wean gradually from its presence and also will forget about the not mutual desire.

3. It is considered that often the so-called method "wedge wedge" helps with such situations. Try to pay attention to other guys who surround you. For certain among your acquaintances there will be more attractive representative of an opposite sex to which seducing you will be able to switch further. Even if an object of your lust is with you in one company, but try not to notice it. Direct all the charms to other guy. Perhaps, thus you will be able not only to kill in yourself painful desire, but also will cause jealousy of the man who let and did not want with you proximity, but amused the vanity with your meek feelings and senseless adoration.

4. If all your thoughts are completely busy with dreams of intimate proximity with the young man who does not feel to you reciprocal passion, try to distract. Think up to yourself interesting occupation which will absorb you. Begin to self-improve, learn any needlework, play sports, be fond of cookery, plunge into work. The last occupation will be able not only to save you from the persuasive silly idea, but also will bring you financial benefit. Besides, if you begin to be engaged in the appearance, perhaps, over time the young man will even pay the precious attention to you and itself will begin to show attempts of rapprochement with such attractive woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team