How to change marital status in the passport

How to change marital status in the passport

Change of marital status can be a miscellaneous: marriage and its cancellation. The way to family happiness begins with filing of application in department the REGISTRY OFFICE.

It is required to you

  • - passport
  • - receipt on payment of the state fee


1. You are going to legalize your civil marriage that in the passport in the column "Marital status" there was an official stamp about your wedding and marital status (is married/is married). You can address to any department the REGISTRY OFFICE of your city. For filing of application about the introduction or divorce you need to submit to employees of department the REGISTRY OFFICE the following documents: passports, permission to the marriage of persons at the age of 16-17 years given by tutorship and guardianship authorities, the receipt on payment of the state fee. If one of intending spouses was married/is married, then documents on divorce will need to be submitted too. Filing of application about introduction/divorce by the third parties by proxy is not allowed.

2. After filing of application, workers of the REGISTRY OFFICE notify you on date of your wedding. As a rule, on considering of your decision 1 month is given. If within a month you changed mind to marry, then the application from department of the REGISTRY OFFICE needs to be withdrawn, otherwise to the appointed term to you will already manage to write out the certificate on marriage. After 1 month in department the REGISTRY OFFICE where you submitted the application, to you will grant the certificate on marriage.

3. In order that to you put down in passports a stamp about your changed marital status, it is necessary to address in a passport office of the Department of Internal Affairs in the place of your residence. In case of change by one of spouses of a surname after the wedding, he should submit the application for exchange of the passport in connection with change of former data.

4. If the marriage certficate was lost, then you need to file a lawsuit the statement for establishment of the fact of registration of marriage. On the basis of the copy of the judgment you need to submit the application to the same department the REGISTRY OFFICE about issue of the lost document to you. Documents, as a rule, are issued gratuitously in day of the address.

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