How to gain trust of the man

How to gain trust of the man

"Whom you love, and you trust that" - it the rule is so old, as well as a human civilization. Indeed, as it is possible to speak about love, about relatives, intimate, the relations if between the man and the woman there is no trust? And the trust, in turn, is impossible without frankness, ability to conduct dialogue, to exercise in discussion of any, even the most difficult, "sharp" questions and problems judgment. As to behave to the woman that her close man was convinced: she can be trusted, she will understand everything correctly?

1. First of all remember: any scenes of jealousy! Vast majority of men hate them. Even if you are sure that you have bases to be jealous, scandals, reproaches and the more so hysterics, will only worsen a situation. And if it turns out that your suspicions were absolutely unreasonable? Whether the man will trust such partner? Whether the former love will remain?

2. If need "seriously ripened to talk" - for God's sake, do not repeat a characteristic female mistake! The serious conversation is also held in the meeting situation, but not literally "on the run". Alas, when the woman "is held apart by emotions", she usually does not think, whether appropriate to sort out the relations when the man hurries on important negotiations, for example. Or when its favorite soccer team is going to take a kick in the rival's gate.

3. Pick up a right moment for such conversation! That also there was enough time, and nothing would be distracted. Try to spend it in the most correct, reserved tone. Do not become personal at all, do not leave from heart of the matter! Remember: men adore specifics and hate "wandering in three pines". Then your man irrespective of, will agree with you, or not, for certain will treat you with trust, as the clever, serious, judicious partner.

4. Forget how a bad dream, an old saying: "If the woman is wrong – the man has to apologize to her"! You normal woman, but not the feminist. If you feel and you understand that were wrong that behaved not in the best way – honestly recognize it and apologize. It is not necessary to look for justifications of type: ah, I am a woman, a weak being, I have a heap of the reasons for differences of mood, and the man strong therefore they have to be tolerant, indulgent. Equality so equality. Your man for certain properly will estimate such act, and it will only strengthen trust between you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team